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2022 Elections

  • As the ballots for the 2022 election are still being counted, the results of the propositions are being predicted to draw certain conclusions based on early voting.
  • County clerks in Northern California are hearing about home visits by "voter integrity" groups. Some call it voter intimidation. Erik Neumann with Jefferson Public Radio filed this report.
  • Opponents of California's Proposition 1 say it could expand state abortion law to allow late-term procedures- for any reason. Current law says abortions are legal up until the point of fetal viability- or around 24 weeks. CalMatters' Alexei Koseff asked experts about this claim.
  • Next week, Inland Empire voters will vote to elect their next state representatives, mayors, and school board members. But residents in San Bernardino County will face an important decision: on whether to break off from California and form a new state. KVCR's Jonathan Linden reports.
  • When the US Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe v. Wade was first leaked in April, state lawmakers in California went to work they drafted an amendment to protect abortion rights under the state constitution and November 8th residence will vote on it but as KQED health correspondent April Dembosky explains there is debate as to what her Proposition One may actually EXPAND abortion rights.
  • One of the most competitive House races in California pits a Republican incumbent who opposed certifying the presidential election against a Democratic challenger who helped prosecute January 6th rioters. From Riverside Country, KQED Politics Editor Scott Shafer reports.
  • A measure to legalize online betting in California— Proposition 27— has created a record spending war between gambling companies who support the measure and many California tribal governments, who oppose it. As KQED's Guy Marzorati and CapRadio's Nicole Nixon explain, the measure has sparked a debate over the issue of tribal sovereignty.
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