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Joe Richardson sits down with the Mayor of Riverside. She discusses the city's cooperative council / manager form of government.
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Dr. Enrique Murillo, Executive Director of LEAD, Latino Education & Advocacy Days, talks about the LEAD Summit at CSUSB on September 29.
Horseshoe crabs are bled alive at a facility in Charleston, S.C., in June 2014.
Ariane Müller
The horseshoe crab bleeding industry is in transition. One biomedical company agreed to more oversight, and a regulatory group is paving the way for drug companies to use animal-free alternatives.
A view of the metro car during the inauguration event of Bogota's future metro system as a school of culture for public transport, on Aug. 10.
Chepa Beltran/Long Visual Press/Universal Images Group via Getty Images
A photo of Jeffrey Ramirez is seen at his parents' home in Vista, California. He was diagnosed with cancer while in prison and died at age 41.
Ariana Drehsler for NPR
The Butner federal prison complex in North Carolina is where a quarter of federal inmate deaths occur. It includes a medical facility but inmates aren't getting needed care, there or at other prisons.
Broadway tickets are expensive — add babysitting to that and the costs are often prohibitive. But a nonprofit is trying to bring free babysitting to theaters around the country.
Kohei Hara
Getty Images
With all of this condemnation swirling, it's worth wondering what about enduring monuments like the Rock Hall keeps stirring people up.
Duane Prokop
Getty Images
Wildfire smoke has plagued much of the country this summer causing short-term impacts like increasing asthma. But researchers learning that wildfire smoke can have far-lasting implications.