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2022 Election Proposition Predicted Results

The 2022 election has propositions on the ballot that range in topic from arts funding to the protection of abortion rights. Though not all of the votes have been counted, early polls note which propositions may pass or fail.

On Proposition 1, California voters have voted yes, which would put in California’s constitution to not interfere with civilian’s abortion rights and protect the right to contraception. So far, the percentage is set at 65% yes and 35% no.

Proposition 26 has been predicted to fail by 70%, which would work against legalizing sports betting at American Indian gaming casinos and racetracks.

Similarly, Proposition 27 is also predicted to fail by 83%, that would not pass the legalization of online sports betting.

For the measure that addresses the allocation of arts funding in schools, Proposition 28, voters are being counted in favor of the measure by 61%.

Proposition 29, which was proposed to require dialysis clinics to meet staffing requirements, is reported to lose, with voters voting no in a 70% majority.

Proposition 30, that would increase taxes on those who make more than 2 million dollars to add funds towards zero emission vehicles and wildfire prevention, is also predicted to lose with California voters saying 59% no and 41% yes.

On the ban of the sale of flavored tobacco products, Proposition 31, the measure is predicted to pass with a 62% majority.