The Apple Fire - Monday Morning Update

Aug 3, 2020

Firefighters battling the Apple Fire blaze.
Credit Facebook / CAL FIRE/Riverside County Fire Department

The Apple Fire, which started near Cherry Valley around 5:00 PM on Friday, has burned over 26,450 acres and there is currently 5% containment.  Much of the northern and eastern edge of the fire is in very steep, rugged hillsides which is not accessible to firefighting vehicles.  Firefighters continue to work to slow the spread of the fire using all resources available including helicopters, fixed wing air tankers, ground equipment and hand-crews.

The Apple fire burned actively overnight, primarily to the north and east. Much of the fire activity is being driven by the record low moisture content of the vegetation in the area combined with high temperatures and low relative humidity. These conditions are contributing to active fire behavior both day and night.  A mapping flight scheduled overnight provide data regarding accurate acreage. The fire is burning in an area with no recent fire history. It is expected to burn into less dense fuels as it progresses. Firefighters on the ground and in the air have been engaged and are building fireline directly on the fire’s edge where possible. Others protecting structures in local communities. Additional firefighters are arriving on scene to assist with the effort to contain the fire. The assignment of the new resources will give firefighters who have been on the line over the last two days some much needed rest. Current resources on the fire include 32 hand-crews, 9 Helicopters, 275 Engines, 24 Dozers and 48 Water Tenders.Weather will remain similar to the past few days, with a high pressure ridge creating hot, dry conditions.  Temps should be a couple degrees cooler than yesterday, with low humidity.