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David Fleming

David Fleming

KVCR Producer

David Fleming is from Murray, Kentucky. Between college, David worked for the Public Affairs Division of the USS Ranger’s radio and television station. He has served with NPR member stations for over 30 years and also works as a visual artist specializing in temporary Sharpie tattoos. Hear David Fleming weekdays on All Things Considered.

  • David Fleming speaks once again with Richard Blacksher, pianist, composer, rapper and more. He was on the program recently as he was getting ready to perform at the VIBE Festival of Wellness, at University of Redlands. We’re continuing with a look at his EP, Apocalit Now, and we’ll hear briefly about his FIRST EP as well.
  • David Fleming speaks with artists Steve Rushingwind and Michael Mucklow.
  • Steve Rushingwind joins David Fleming in studio once again - not to talk about his many, many wonderful CDs, but rather to talk about his many, many wonderful paintings hanging at the Laguna Art-Affair through September 4th.We’ll talk about the subject matter, the process involved, and perhaps most importantly, WHY FISHING LURES?!? The reason is quite beautiful. Specifically, why use lures with chips of paint missing, or little dings somehow.We’ll also hear about some of his past works, as well as his next series.
  • David Fleming is joined once again by Dennis Tufano, former lead and original member of The Buckinghams. We’ll hear about his work with Bernie Taupin, known mostly for his collaborations with Elton John. We’ll also hear about the Buckinghams tune, SUSAN… A BEAUTIFUL tune… up UNTIL… right at the 90 second mark. Also - a VERY special harmonica.
  • David Fleming speaks to Dennis Tufano about not only his work with The Buckinghams, but doing the music of Bobby Darin - with a live disc out. We'll hear about some of The Buckinghams' hits - including one of my favorite jazz tunes - given lyrics then hitting the charts.Dennis Tufano will be in San Bernardino quite soon as part of the lineup on the "Diamond Ring & Devil Tour" along with Gary Lewis & The Playboys, Mitch Ryder, Tom Garrett and The Classics IV, and The Cyrkle. That's August 20th at California Theatre of the Performing Arts in San Bernardino. More at affordablemusicproductions.com.
  • David Fleming speaks with Gary Lewis about the earliest of days of the band, including before his dad, comedian Jerry Lewis, even knew his son was a musician. He was told - with a rather special presentation. We'll also hear about some of the hits of course, with Gary Lewis and the Playboys in our region soon. More at affordablemusicproductions.com
  • On this edition of the program, David Fleming speaks with Bob Cowsill. The Cowsills had big hits with Indian Lake, The Rain the Park and Other Things, and Hair, and with six siblings and their Mother singing, recording, and touring, they were the real-life inspiration for The Partridge Family.
  • David Fleming speaks with Don Dannemann, one of the founders - and current members of - The Cyrkle. We'll hear about how they ended up with The Beatles Manager Brian Epstein as THEIR manager, how John Lennon gave them the name, and of course their biggest hits, "Red Rubber Ball," and "Turn Down Day."
  • David Fleming welcomes back John Cafiero, of Osaka Popstar. He was on not too long ago to talk about the new EP, EAR CANDY. On this edition of the program, we’ll hear about the rerelease of Osaka Popstar and the American Legends of Punk – and once again – some REALLY fun covers.
  • David Fleming speaks with Chloe Agnew, one of the original members of Celtic Woman. We'll hear a bit about Celtic Woman... as well as her recent solo release, "Reimagined." We start the program with Riverside's Peter Curtis, and some INCREDIBLE reimagining of some well known tunes from a variety of genres. The common element - it's all music which made him think of the pandemic in some way. Some quite tongue in cheek, with others quite beautiful and thoughtful. It's all solo guitar, with the exception of the wonderful jazz standard, "The Nearness of You." This one with saxophone accompaniment, and all on Peter's latest release, "Pete's Pandemic Playlist."