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David Fleming

David Fleming

KVCR Producer

David Fleming is from Murray, Kentucky. Between college, David worked for the Public Affairs Division of the USS Ranger’s radio and television station. He has served with NPR member stations for over 30 years and also works as a visual artist specializing in temporary Sharpie tattoos. Hear David Fleming weekdays on All Things Considered.

  • David Fleming finds out more about "Wooing the Dragon," in conversation with playwright Matthew Johnson, and director Wendi Johnson. Wooing the Dragon is a fantasy set to stage - with a king, a dragon, a several folks who must divulge a secret... or become dragon chow. The play is at The Box in Riverside May 25th through the 29th.
  • David Fleming speaks with Brett Newski about his newest disc, "Friend Rock," with a different guest on each track, and each guest having been a part of Brett's podcast, "Dirt From the Road," with sories about the horrors - and funny moments - of life on the road as a musician. We'll also touch on past songs a videos with Brett getting kicked out of... at least a couple places.
  • We were introduced to Brett Newski through the book "It's Hard To Be A Person," and the accompanying soundtrack. We also heard about Brett's podcast, "Dirt From the Road," featuring conversations with musicians talking about some of the horrific experiences on the road. Many folks who've been a part of Dirt From the Road are now a part of Newski's latest - "Friend Rock," with a different guest on each track. David Fleming speaks with Brett about the disc and more.
  • David Fleming continues his conversation with Doug Levitt, and an exploration of his new disc (out 5/12/23) called "Edge of Everywhere." The disc is a collection of songs which come from more than 10 years and more than 10,000 miles travelled, and the stories of (or from) the people he met along the way. More at douglevitt.com
  • On this special one-hour edition of KVC-Arts, David Fleming speaks with Doug Levitt. He'd always had music as a part of him, but after college (where he studied with Carl Sagen) he became a foreign correspondent, covering some rather heavy events and areas. He decided the next logical(?) step was to drop it all and pursue music full-time.He bought a six-month greyhound pass, packed an old beat up Martin guitar, and a copy of (how apropos) Woody Guthrie's "Bound For Glory."Now - after more than 10 years and more than 10,000 miles travelled, the stories of - and sometimes from - the people he met along the way have been turned into song. We'll hear of a woman who drives an 18-wheeler, a man who'd lost his son - and is struggling with addiction, a man who wants to set a good example for his daughters... and is on his way to turn himself in to federal prison.ALL of these stories... SO poignant... and SUCH a joy to revisit the conversation as I dropped in music from the disc!These make up the album "Edge of Everywhere," out May 12th. douglevitt.com
  • On this edition of KVC-Arts Shareen Awad has some thoughts on the recent Mario Brothers movie, and reflections on the game. We’ll also hear from Lelah Boyd in conversation with Gary Revel about the latest in a series of children’s books following the adventures of Hillary the Little Ladybug.
  • On this edition of the program David Fleming speaks I’m speaking with George Shea. His play, "Dr. Keeling's Curve" stars Mike Farrell of M*A*S*H fame. The play revolves around Dave Keeling, who had been measuring CO2 in the air - and starting noticing the alarming rate at which it rose.
  • David Fleming continues his conversation with Dani De La Rosa and Juliana Brown Eyes about the "She's An Eagle In Flight Tour," as well as the White White Buffalo Project - with songs by Dani, and videos directed by Juliana Brown Eyes. Several of the videos can be seen at fnx.org/theaux.
  • David Fleming continues his conversation with Christian McBride, talking about his newest release - Christian McBride's New Jawn PRIME. Mostly originals contributed by each member of the band - and a few covers as well. We'll hear about some of each. We'll also touch on "Five Piece Band," (SO worth checking out) as well as Jazzhouse Kids.
  • David Fleming speaks with jazz bassist Christian McBride. He’ll be in the area soon AND has a new disc out – CHRISTIAN MCBRIDES NEW JAWN PRIME. We’ll touch greatly ON the new disc, but also a couple experiences and great stories about a couple jazz giants - Ray Brown and Dave Brubeck..