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Riverside County Reports First Case of Rare COVID-19 Complication in Children


Riverside County health officials reported the area’s first case of multisystem inflammatory syndrome also known as MIS-C on Tuesday. It is a rare, but serious condition that can damage multiple organs in children who are exposed to or had COVID-19. 

A child under the age of 15 from western Riverside County is believed to have the first case. Officials also reported a probable second case of a child from the Coachella Valley.

The state has reported 47 cases as of August 24. County public health spokesperson Jose Arballo says while the syndrome is rare there is some worry it could start showing up more as the rate of infections for young people has gone up.

“More of them are coming together at schools and other public events," said Arballo. "That’s the concern that many health professionals have that you might have this more often only because more young people are getting sick.”

It is a reminder that while most children show few symptoms with COVID-19 they can catch it just as easily as adults. Symptoms of MIS-C often show up several weeks after children start to recover from COVID-19. The syndrome causes inflammation in different parts of the body like the heart and lungs with potentially lifelong impacts.