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IEHP Expands Remote Services During Coronavirus Pandemic


Inland Empire Health Plan, or IEHP, has expanded its remote services during the coronavirus pandemic.

Jarrod McNaughton is the CEO of IEHP.

He says the expansion of telehealth services is a step in the right direction.

“What's great about this is that both the state as well as the federal government have actually relaxed the requirements that were in place previously to the COVID-19 pandemic to allow providers to actually have both video or telephonic audio visits with their patients," McNaughton says.

Credit IEHP
Jarrod McNaughton is the CEO of IEHP.

"And so, we have pushed that out, all those statutory, regulatory changes out to our provider network and wanting to make sure they know exactly what the new laws and statutes allow and to make sure that they know IEHP is fully supportive of that. And that their payment structure to make sure to keep their practices going will actually be completely whole through this telehealth program which means that in the past some of the telehealth visits, the way that certain regulations were put in place didn't fully provide for a full dollar amount of reimbursement to that provider office. Because of all these new waivers from the state and feds providers actually are able to get a full reimbursement level which is really really great because it helps to keep their practices going.”

You can learn more about IEHP’s COVID-19 plans and policies at iehp.org.

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