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July 29: Lifestyles with Lillian Vasquez

Ibba Pandemic Playhouse.png

Today on Lifestyles, Lillian speaks with Ibba Armancas, creator, producer, and the talent on Pandemic Playhouse, an educational children’s show that covers complex topics in an approachable way. Ibba shares the concept of the show, introduces the puppets that serve as the main characters, and talks about how she managed to put together the program during the pandemic. Also on the show, Lillian talks with Dr. Ivan Rosenberg, Founder and President of Uniquely Abled Project, a program that matches uniquely abled individuals with employers.

For more information about Pandemic Playhouse, visit https://www.pandemicplayhouse.tv/

For more information about the Uniquely Abled Project, visit uniquelyabledproject.org

For program information at San Bernardino Valley College, visit https://www.valleycollege.edu/academic-career-programs/specialized-programs/cte-transitions/job-developer-project/machinist.php

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