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KVC-Arts 4/14/24 - Albert Lopez, of the band Wayword

In this edition of KVC-Arts, David Fleming speaks with Albert Lopez, founder of the band Wayword in 2018. The band was formed through Albert reaching out to friends to help him play his music live and in studio. Wayword has released 1 ep, 1 album and is actively working on a 2nd record. Wayword is a multi-genre band with influences in indie rock, alt rock, power pop and shoegaze.

On Instagram @waywordca

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  • Indy rock... Garage rock... surf rock flirting with some of the ska bands in the area...Astronaut Samurais is Alberto Alvarenga II and Tyler Stevens. Alberto handles all the lead vocals and the songwriting, and he and Tyler trade off on lead guitar. They came up in the Moreno Valley, CA area, then really found themselves and started gaining a following with like-minded people and music in the Pomona/Upland area.The band ended up taking a bit of a hiatus - mainly driven by the pandemic, and as recently as late last year going into early this year are back. At one point it was a full band, but these days it's Alberto and Tyler only - adding a bass player and drummer for gigs. They were VERY well received in September at the Unquiet Fest, and will be at the Los Muertos Fest in Downtown San Bernardino on Friday November 3rd (along with September, God Is Evil, The M16, and Desperate Measures). More on Instagram at astrosamurais4ever.
  • David Fleming speaks once again with Alberto and Tyler about Astronaut Samurais - with a bit of a new sound with Death Mountain, and examining what they may be doing in the near future.