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  • David Fleming welcomes Guitarist Ray Russell. They chat about his career and work in Jazz fusion, movie music and much more.
  • David Fleming welcomes Ben Stewart once again to talk about new Benjiphonik material, collaborations, covers, film scoring and more... AND an in studio performance of one of Benjiphonik's most recent releases! benjiphonik.com for more.
  • On this edition of KVC-Arts, David Fleming speaks once again with Ashley Eddy. She was on the previous edition of the program talking about the recent production of Little Shop of Horrors, and the exciting opportunities that led to. Now, among other things we’ll hear about The Redlands theatre festival. This year the Redlands Theatre Festival is running in repertory Arsenic and Old Lace, Anton Chekov’s The Seagull, Urinetown – The Musical, Head Over Heels, and The Curious Incident of The Dog In the Nighttime. rtfseason.com for more.
  • This edition of KVC-Arts has David Fleming in conversation with Bob Boilen - creator of The NPR Tiny Desk Concert, the associated contest, and the tour - which has a stop in LA on June 20th. KVCR will be there. David also speaks with Ashley Eddy, who played Audrey in Little Shop of Horrors recently at San Bernardino Valley College. We'll hear about what that led to, which includes a fundraiser cabaret July 15th 6 pm at the Valley College auditorium.
  • Pehin - meaning "hair" in the language of the Lakota. This is the title of a short by Juliana Brown Eyes. It's dark, disturbing, and evocative. Through a series of photographs and a soundtrack with more and more layers as we go, this begins with what seems to be "a day in the life..." feeding a dog (Puppy Brown Eyes makes a guest appearance), some almonds in a blender... beginning the day. We see then that this is a look at what a woman is going through... thinking... experiencing... feeling... after she's scalped and killed a man responsible for a series of missing (and presumably murdered) indigenous women on the Pine Ridge reservation. Running at just under 2 1/2 minutes, see and read a bit about this short film at www.witkoproject.com.David Fleming speaks with Juliana about the film, her music, and other projects.
  • We were introduced to Juliana Brown Eyes in early April as she was getting ready for the "She’s An Eagle in Flight" tour talking about the videos she directed for some of Dani Doll's music for the White White Buffalo project. Now – more about this artist, filmmaker, and musician… and some of HER projects… in conversation with David Fleming.
  • David Fleming finds out more about "Wooing the Dragon," in conversation with playwright Matthew Johnson, and director Wendi Johnson. Wooing the Dragon is a fantasy set to stage - with a king, a dragon, a several folks who must divulge a secret... or become dragon chow. The play is at The Box in Riverside May 25th through the 29th.
  • David Fleming speaks with Brett Newski about his newest disc, "Friend Rock," with a different guest on each track, and each guest having been a part of Brett's podcast, "Dirt From the Road," with sories about the horrors - and funny moments - of life on the road as a musician. We'll also touch on past songs a videos with Brett getting kicked out of... at least a couple places.
  • We were introduced to Brett Newski through the book "It's Hard To Be A Person," and the accompanying soundtrack. We also heard about Brett's podcast, "Dirt From the Road," featuring conversations with musicians talking about some of the horrific experiences on the road. Many folks who've been a part of Dirt From the Road are now a part of Newski's latest - "Friend Rock," with a different guest on each track. David Fleming speaks with Brett about the disc and more.
  • David Fleming continues his conversation with Doug Levitt, and an exploration of his new disc (out 5/12/23) called "Edge of Everywhere." The disc is a collection of songs which come from more than 10 years and more than 10,000 miles travelled, and the stories of (or from) the people he met along the way. More at douglevitt.com