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David Fleming

  • This edition of the program has David Fleming in conversation once again with Albert Lopez – talking about the band Wayword. We got an introduction to the band on a prior KVC-Arts as Albert was getting ready to play with ANOTHER band at Coachella. We heard about several releases, including the newest – which is ACTUALLY a collection of demos and single from throughout the years. On this edition of the program, we’ll hear for the MOST part about Wayword’s self-titled release. In addition to specific SONGS though, we should note a changing SOUND to the band over the years. Transitioning to something which WAS there already… but now more prominent.
  • The Titans of Soft Rock - Yächtley Crëw! David Fleming speaks with lead singer and original member Phillip Daniel, AKA Philly Ocean. With a LOOK at the band, you'd think parody... some kind of comedic element. They certainly do embrace this in appearance, but the music they take QUITE seriously. They also have a relatively recent EP, along with a video to go along with one of their originals, "Sex On the Beach." This is the drink... not the all-too sandy activity.The Titans of Soft Rock indeed!
  • On this edition of the program, it's David Fleming in conversation with Riverside native Apryle Dalmacio. We'll hear about her musical journey, music from her self-titled release, as well as her initial release, Fairytale. Apryle performs around the region many days of each week. apryledalmacio.com
  • On this edition of KVC-Arts, David Fleming speaks with Albert Lopez, founder of the band Wayword in 2018. The band was formed through Albert reaching out to friends to help him play his music live and in studio. Wayword has released 1 ep, 1 album and is actively working on a 2nd record. Wayword is a multi-genre band with influences in indie rock, alt rock, power pop and shoegaze. On Instagram @waywordca
  • Henry Franklin, Skipper, got his start with Roy Ayers in a Latin jazz group while still in high school. He was recruited by Hugh Masekela for an album which produced "Grazing in the Grass," and took him to Woodstock as well as the Monterey Pop Festival. He's worked as a sideman with many, and has 28 (or so) albums under his own name.Onthe next KVC-Arts David Fleming speaks with Skipper about one of the most recent - one which earned him a NAACP Image Award in the category of Outstanding Jazz record - instrumental. SUCH a great disc! We'll also hear about one that was a bit of an avant-garde piece, yet still QUITE cool to listen to. We'll touch briefly as well on his time with Stevie Wonder... but it's mostly jazz.And - jazz in this area! Skipper still lines up the musicians for Pierce Street Jazz, a free concert series at La Sierra University. A variety of types of jazz presented, with known players who are in the region (they're all OVER the place).AND more!
  • David Fleming speaks with Henry Franklin about his long history in the world of jazz, as well as major crossover success with Hugh Masekela (Grazing in the Grass et al), which took him to Woodstock as well as The Monterey Pop Festival. We'll hear about his first release, his latest, and a lot in between.
  • Jonathan Karrant has been on KVC-Arts several times now, and with several upcoming performances in our region, David Fleming has re-packaged his first interview with Jonathan, serving as a wonderful introduction to a man with impeccable discs, and a phenomenal onstage delivery of story through song.
  • David Fleming speaks with Emilio Castillo, one of the founding and current members of Tower of Power. We'll get a bit of history - including a drastic change in not only their material, but their look as well, some song specific material and more.
  • Indy rock... Garage rock... surf rock flirting with some of the ska bands in the area...Astronaut Samurais is Alberto Alvarenga II and Tyler Stevens. Alberto handles all the lead vocals and the songwriting, and he and Tyler trade off on lead guitar. They came up in the Moreno Valley, CA area, then really found themselves and started gaining a following with like-minded people and music in the Pomona/Upland area.The band ended up taking a bit of a hiatus - mainly driven by the pandemic, and as recently as late last year going into early this year are back. At one point it was a full band, but these days it's Alberto and Tyler only - adding a bass player and drummer for gigs. They were VERY well received in September at the Unquiet Fest, and will be at the Los Muertos Fest in Downtown San Bernardino on Friday November 3rd (along with September, God Is Evil, The M16, and Desperate Measures). More on Instagram at astrosamurais4ever.
  • Having just passed KVC-Arts #500, this edition of the program has the tables turned - with KVCR's Lillian Vasquez in conversation with David Fleming. We'll hear a bit about David, his background in and passion for the arts, also a bit on what goes into an interview... and an episode of KVC-Arts