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Newsom Promised A Calif. Cabinet Secy. For Homelessness. What's The Status On That?


One hundred days into his term, Governor Gavin Newsom has yet to appoint a State Homelessness Secretary as he promised on the campaign trail.

Cap Radio’s PolitiFact reporter Chris Nichols is tracking his promises on the Newsom-Meter and asked advocates for the homeless what they think about this lack of action.

Here’s what Newsom pledged in a campaign video:

“We must address homelessness. I’ll create an interagency council to end chronic homelessness led by a cabinet level secretary committed to solving the issue not just managing it.” (:13)

Several advocates for the homeless told us they’re pleased with Newsom’s budget, which calls for more than six hundred million dollars in funding for homelessness.

Chris Martin of the nonprofit Housing California says adding a cabinet-level secretary would ensure the issue remains a priority in his administration.

 “It is a little bit concerning that we’re about 100 days in and we kind of haven’t gotten the update.” (:06)

Others told us they want to make sure Newsom follows through on his funding promises … and are less concerned about a new cabinet position.

It might not be long before Newsom fills that post. He said in an interview on Monday with Capital Public Radio that he’ll announce this week that he’s filled the position.

 “I think we have 3,600 appointments. I think we’ve done justice.”

We’ll produce updates on our Newsom-Meter as there’s progress, or a lack thereof, on each campaign promise.

In Sacramento, I’m Chris Nichols

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