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As a part of the Listening Post Collective's ongoing initiative to expand information networks in the region, LPC put out a request for story ideas from local media makers tied to some of the issues that came up in their original information ecosystem assessment, environmental and community health.The result is Unfiltered IE, nine story grants to fund ideas that included short video docs, community information tours, digital archives, a public poster series, and an art exhibit. All about environmental issues and justice in the region. Explore the projects at listeningpostcollective.org.This series is a collaboration with NPRs California newsroom, the Listening Post Collective, and funded by the Ford Foundation.

James Dailey (The Space): Documenting the Tapestry Project City Development in Hesperia

KVCR's Quinn Mays speaks with James Dailey of The Space to learn more about his documentation of the Tapestry Project and the ways this development project has lasting impacts on the indigenous plants, animals, and people already living there.

The city of Hesperia for years has been pushing for an expansion described by independent photojournalist James Dailey as a "rebranding." In recent years the project has begun leveling of the land with limited consideration of residents who oppose the development. Some say they were not aware of the projects approval at all before construction began. The unlimited use of water for developers is already having an impact on water accessibility for locals and Dailey is concerned about the long lasting impacts to the land that will occur from the removal of endangered Joshua Trees in the area.

Follow as Dailey documents to progress of the Tapestry Project construction happening in Hesperia, or contribute your own stories as a Hesperia resident at hesperiatapestry.com or on Instagram at @hesperia_tapestry. You can also check out ListeningPostCollective.org to see their work in the IE.

Listening Post Collective Founder and independent journalist