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Got Your Taxes Done? If Not, Here's What To Do


Today (MONDAY) is Tax Day … and California’s Franchise Tax Board says if you can’t get your state tax returns all wrapped up, don’t panic!

 Montiel: “In California, everyone gets an automatic extension to file.” (0:03)

That’s the F-T-B’s Jason Montiel (mahn-TEEL).

 Montiel: “If they don’t owe — say, they know they’re gonna get a refund — you can take the extra time until mid-October, October 15th, to file. But if you owe, you want to go ahead and file by April 15th to avoid interest and penalties.” (0:12)

If you can’t pay your entire tax bill today (MONDAY), the F-T-B says … pay what you can now, then call or go online to set up a payment plan.

Paper returns and checks must be postmarked today (MONDAY) … and online returns must be filed by midnight.

Ken Vincent has retired. We appreciate the way he shared his expertise with many of our young interns and reporters over the nearly eight years he spent as KVCR's lead journalist and Morning Edition host. We wish him a happy and relaxing retirement as he spends more time in his garden and, as he mentioned, more time on the golf course. Thanks Ken!
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