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KVC-Arts 11/26/23 - Jonathan Karrant's Latest, "Eclectic," Singles & Upcoming Performances

Jazz vocalist Jonathan Karrant will be in the region QUITE soon! He'll be at Herb Alpert's Vibrato Grill Jazz on Thursday the 30th, and will be in San Diego in early December. His CD releases are all wonderful, wonderful, wonderful... and his latest, called "Eclectic," continues in the same vein - beautiful jazz arrangements on pop tunes, and thoughtful and moving arrangements on some of the standards. To see him live is special as well, with the delivery of just as much a storyteller as a singer. David Fleming continues his conversation with Jonathan focusing mainly on his newest release, and a couple singles out there as well. More at jonathankarrant.com.

David Fleming is from Murray, Kentucky. Between college, David worked for the Public Affairs Division of the USS Ranger’s radio and television station. He has served with NPR member stations for over 30 years and also works as a visual artist specializing in temporary Sharpie tattoos. Hear David Fleming weekdays on All Things Considered.
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  • David Fleming speaks with jazz vocalist Jonathan Karrant, mainly focusing on his newest release, "Eclectic." Once again we get a few sweet, sweet takes on a couple of standards (but again, not the overly used), as well as pop songs transformed into what should be some of the new jazz standards, and several which really paints Jonathan Karrant as not just a singer with a fantastic sense of arrangement and delivery, but also - a storyteller!
  • David Fleming speaks with jazz vocalist Jonathan Karrant, focusing mainly on his release, "On and On." The track listing on this disc is QUITE wonderful with a mix of jazz standards - some of which you may only know of as instrumentals. Also some mainstream pop, and just a touch of Sinatra. Now imagine all of these with impeccable arrangements, timing, and delivery with a small-group jazz setting. That's "On and On."More at jonathankarrant.com
  • David Fleming speaks once again with jazz singer Jonathan Karrant. We got an introduction to him with his release ON AND ON, and now – a look at his VERY recent holiday cd - Christmas Wish, which begins with one which is more for the Winter, than the actual holiday, and follows through with a wonderful variety of Christmas music, though for the most part, avoiding some of the tunes you here everywhere else, and also sharing with us memories of his childhood Christmas.More at jonathankarrant.com