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KVC-Arts 9/24/23 Al Pitrelli & Trans-Siberian Orchestra

David Fleming speaks with Al Pitrelli, music director for, and one of the guitarists, with Trans-Siberian Orchestra, touring live again this year, with two performances in Ontario December 2nd. We'll hear about how, when and why TSO split into two touring groups, the story of Ghosts of Christmas Eve, Leonard Bernstein, Steve Vai - which ties in with David Lee Roth AND Alice Cooper - the latter of which ties BACK to both Bernstein and TSO...

And more.

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  • David Fleming speaks once again with Al Pitrelli, guitarist, music director and original member of Trans-Siberian Orchestra. We'll hear a bit more about Savatage (the group out of which TSO was born) - specifically, Paul O'Neil, the main storyteller for Savatage AND Trans-Siberian Orchestra. A bit from and about TSO of course, and also touching lightly on some funk/fusion projects Pitrelli was a part of at one point - O'2L and CPR and/or The Randy Coven Band.Trans-Siberian Orchestra will be in the region December 3rd touring The Ghosts of Christmas Eve, and KVCR has tickets at a couple different giving levels during our Fall Membership Campaign. Listen - and give - at kvcrnews.org.
  • David Fleming speaks with Al Pitrelli, Music Director for, and one of the guitarists with, Trans-Siberian Orchestra. With the exception of 2020, TSO has come to the region every year for QUITE some time now. Last year, while they didn’t come to our area physically, they DID provide a special virtual concert. We spoke about THAT concert, as well as being on the road again this year with a stop in Ontario December 4th at the Toyota Arena.