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David Fleming

David Fleming

KVCR Producer

David Fleming is from Murray, Kentucky. Between college, David worked for the Public Affairs Division of the USS Ranger’s radio and television station. He has served with NPR member stations for over 30 years and also works as a visual artist specializing in temporary Sharpie tattoos. Hear David Fleming weekdays on All Things Considered.

  • David Fleming speaks with Cheryl Hodge. In January we heard about and from her latest jazz release, "Love Is." Quite recently we began an exploration of "Indigo," a cd exploring grooves, with inspiration in parts coming from not only Miles Davis, but also Mike Stern. We'll continue with "Indigo," and beyond several cool tunes, we'll also hear of a vocal group Cheryl was in at Berklee College of Music. It's just a quick mention, but had me wondering for a split second if it could make it to the air. Please listen.After wrapping "Indigo" we'll touch briefly on "One Day When I wasn't Looking." Lots we COULD talk about there, but the focus was on a few WONDERFUL covers; It Ain't Necessarily So, Naima, and Babylon Sisters.Yes. The Steely Dan tune. Connected to this, we'll hear about a few things which might make Bellingham, Washington your next vacation spot. If you like jazz AND Steely Dan, that is.
  • David Fleming speaks with jazz singer and pianist Cheryl Hodge about her release, Indigo. Inspired in part by Miles Davis, and an exploration of different types of grooves.
  • One night at The Apollo in 1958, George Treadwell fired the entire lineup of The Drifters. He then hired all of the members of The Five Crowns to become The Drifters. Charlie Thomas (along with Benjamin Earl Nelson - better known as Ben E. King) was a member of The Five Crowns, and while the original "classic" Drifters produced some hits, some of the biggest came from the era when Thomas was in the group. This was also the time when Lieber and Stoller were writing for the group. On January 31st, 2023, Charlie Thomas passed away at the age of 85. David Fleming interviewed Thomas in late 2015 when he was about to perform in the region, and has re-edited the conversation for this edition of KVC-Arts.
  • Ben Stewart AKA Benjiphonik speaks with David Fleming to talk about, and do a countdown to the next video release. The video is for "Lazy Dayz," from the "I Got Old" EP. This was written to be a cool Summer jam, with lyrics reflecting Riverside, California... and the video... shot in Hawaii.No. Really. It works. AND adds some deeper levels if you think about it.benjiphonik.com
  • "You're Not Alone," from Charles Kelly. The seed for this was planted in late 2021 when Charles brought David Fleming the single, "Endangered Species." Add nine more tracks to that and you get a wonderful 2022 release fitting nicely in any contemporary jazz library. Some funk, some wonderful guitar work, and percussion on top of the drum kit - Charles has been getting some traction on some of the smooth jazz charts with this release.We heard from and about a portion of the album a couple weeks ago (link to the show here: https://www.kvcrnews.org/.../kvc-arts-1-29-23-charles...), and the rest of the conversation... and album... is on the next KVC-Arts. Hear about a few songs strung together in memory and tone, with a feel of a soundtrack accompanying a trip to Catalina Island.
  • This is an extremely fun one with David Fleming in conversation with John Cafiero, of Osaka Popstar. David first interviewed Cafiero alongside Dr Demento talking about "Dr Demento - Covered In Punk," an INCREDIBLE collection of punk artists covering Dr Demento staples, and some artists known through Dr Demento covering some classic punk! Cafiero produced and performed this on this one. This edition of KVC-Arts is a rebroadcast from May of 2022, when Osaka Popstar re-released their first album, and also released "Ear Candy," an EXTREMELY fun EP with a punk treatment of a few mega hits by some bands which weren't quite real. The Partridge Family's "I Think I Love You," The Archies' "Sugar Sugar," and a lost tune from the Monkees. There's also an Osaka Popstar original with a video starring Fred Armisen, though in animated form.
  • David Fleming speaks with Charles Kelly - a professor on the campus of San Bernardino Valley College and a musician whose past includes working with say, Stevie Wonder, Joe Sample, The Pointer Sisters, Sister Sledge, the TV show Fame... He was on the program a little over a year ago talking about a single which had JUST come out called "Endangered Species." That single opens the now complete disc, "You're Not Alone." Contemporary jazz with a funk and drive through and through. We'll hear about the disc - and some of the ideas behind it... and we'll hear FROM it here and there.Great music and QUITE a few laughs. And this is only the first of two parts.
  • David Fleming speaks with Cheryl Hodge, a jazz vocalist and pianist whose works float between mainstream, straight ahead jazz, and jazz fusion. Her newest release, out in the Fall of 2022 is called LOVE is, and was at one point under consideration for this year’s Grammy’s. We’ll also hear from Brian Cunningham, engineer – AND providing the guitars on Love Is.www.cherylhodge.com
  • David Fleming speaks with David Arkenstone once again. We heard from Arkenstone in December of 2022 when he was in the region with his Winter's Eve concert. He has under his belt, or is a part of 100 cd’s – let alone his soundtrack work, and his music – especially those under his own name – are designed to take you places – real… or imagined. We'll hear about his music inspired by Middle Earth, as well as his soundtrack work – including for WORLD OF WARCRAFT. We'll also hear of collaborations with author Mercedes Lackey.
  • David Fleming continues his conversation with Amy Robbins, who creates beautiful works out of pieces of wood often discarded or avoided by others. The burl, the base of a tree or bush... Pendants, sculptures and more. See her works on Instagram - @woodnhart.phoebesforest or etsy.com/shop/phoebesforest