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David Fleming

David Fleming

KVCR Producer

David Fleming is from Murray, Kentucky. Between college, David worked for the Public Affairs Division of the USS Ranger’s radio and television station. He has served with NPR member stations for over 30 years and also works as a visual artist specializing in temporary Sharpie tattoos. Hear David Fleming weekdays on All Things Considered.

  • David Fleming continues his conversation with Michelle Dowd, author of Forager: Field Notes For Surviving a Family Cult - A Memoir. This is the story OF Michelle - told from her perspective... as a little girl growing into her teens. She grew up in a cult started by her grandfather, who was seen as the last prophet, and would lead them after surviving the apocalypse.More at michelledowd.org
  • David Fleming speaks with Michelle Dowd, author of Forager: Field Notes For Surviving a Family Cult - A Memoir. Each chapter begins with a plant you can find in the mountain wilderness, and the ways to use it for food. Each chapter then goes on to tell the story of Michelle Dowd, and the Angeles National Forest cult in which she was raised. The cult was started by her grandfather, known to all as the last prophet. He would not die, but rather live to be 500 and lead the organization through the impending apocalypse. The story is told from the perspective OF Michelle - as a 7-year-old, growing into her teenage years - when she would eventually leave.More on the book at Michelle Dowd dot org. Michelle’s on Instagram at MichelleDowdZ, there’s also MDowd.Substack.com. The books available in hardback, paperback, Kindle and Audio anywhere books are sold. All are on Amazon.
  • On this edition of the program David Fleming speaks with Brooks Wilson. Bobby was already in tribute bands, performing among other things, the music of Jackie Wilson – long before finding out that he was indeed Jackie Wilson’s son. Bobby will be at Vibrato Grill & Jazz March 8th with a Jackie Wilson Tribute show.vibratogrilljazz.com for more. Also, more at bobbywilsonmusic.com.
  • David Fleming continues his conversation with Evan J. Marshall - sometimes known as Mr. Solo Mandolin, due to his ability to play several parts of the mandolin at the same time, giving self-accompaniment. We'll hear about bluegrass, Western swing, as well as classical. AND - his take on the final movement from The William Tell Overture AKA the theme from The Lone Ranger.
  • For this edition of KVC-Arts, David Fleming interviews Evan J. Marshall. Beyond his time with Riders of the Purple Sage, Evan is known to many as Mr. Solo Mandolin, due to his ability to play both accompaniment and lead at the same time… for this reason he’s also known to some as The Lone Arranger, but also due largely to his take on the final movement from the William Tell Overture – better known in many circles as the theme for The Lone Ranger.
  • Writers on the Block started off as pretty much an open mic for writers... mostly poets. It soon became mainly an online Facebook presence where people could share their works, as well as give and receive feedback. It then became a live event once again - the first Wednesday of every month at The Vault Martini Bar Redlands (which turns/turned 20 years old this year)! There's a sign up sheet starting at 8, and by 9 be ready for, well, readings and recitations. I got there as someone was reading from a short story. Many, many poems followed as we went through the signup sheet. I heard some very personal pieces, and some which were designed for a laugh. I heard some works which adhered strictly to meter and form... and others were a rant on paper. And all of which I enjoyed thoroughly.The main driving force behind Writers on the Block these days is the combination of Alfred Valdivia Jr., Jamie Lee Musser, and Jose Nevarez AKA Vill Ain. Jamie and Villain join me to talk about Writers on the Block - past and present - and more.
  • Entertainment to experience… or to see!Whatever branch of service you might have served in, you may recall just how much they molded you into being a soldier, sailor, marine, etc... but they didn't do a WHOLE lot to prepare you for being a civilian once again.Enter Mil-Tree, and their program, "Tapestries of Transformation." The purpose of which is connecting veterans back to their community and reducing chronic loneliness and isolation.The culmination of the program will be a theatrical performance in the Spring, which comes together as the culmination of several workshops - drumming, writing and storytelling, acting, and movement. The workshops are coming up QUITE soon - running through February. AND - they're not JUST for veterans.More at mil-tree.org.
  • On this edition of KVC-Arts, we'll hear from Johnny A Hickman about this region of California as well as bands from the area (Cracker's roots are indeed Redlands, San Bernardino, Highland, Riverside...), another phrase or three talking about the songwriting process for Cracker, several REALLY cool tunes from Hickman's early solo release, Palmhenge - as well as the origin of that name, and yes - Cracker's breakout hit - Teen Angst.
  • The core of Cracker has always been Johnny A Hickman and David Lowery. Before moving to Virginia, Cracker was VERY much steeped in The Inland Empire region of Southern California (The Dangers, Camper Van Beethoven & more). So in early November when they were getting ready to wrap up their 2023 tour in Highland (a literal 10 miles from where I sit), I happily grabbed a chance for an interview. It was very much at the 11th hour, and David was teaching that day, but I was quite happy to speak with Johnny. Either one would have been wonderful. LOTS of GREAT material with both these guys!Even though there wasn't room in a KVC-Arts prior to their performance, we still spoke for just under an hour, so I could grab a snippet of the conversation to be used as a feature during Morning Edition and All Things Considered to promote their appearance and use the rest of the conversation for a KVC-Arts in the relative near future.So - taking us into the new year, it's Cracker for the next TWO KVC-Arts. Some of the items for the first show... The songs "Low," "San Bernardino Boy," "Eurotrash Girl," "March of the Billionaires" and more... and of course Cracker as a name for the band. These days it sometimes gets a person dinged on Facebook.
  • Last year I thought I'd just pad the KVC-Arts falling on Christmas with music from someone who'd been a guest on KVC-Arts in the past... to just kind of round out the show. Then I decided there were more than enough past guests to fill and entire program. So that's what I did. And this year we're getting it again. Not a repeat of last year's program, but again it's music for the season… all from folks who’ve been guests on KVC-Arts in the past, and some who live in this region!Quite fun... and at times quite beautiful. Music from (in order): Benjiphonik, Chris Thayer, Jonathan Karrant, Kenny Vance, Peter Curtis, and Apryle Dalmacio.