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David Fleming

David Fleming

KVCR Producer

David Fleming is from Murray, Kentucky. Between college, David worked for the Public Affairs Division of the USS Ranger’s radio and television station. He has served with NPR member stations for over 30 years and also works as a visual artist specializing in temporary Sharpie tattoos. Hear David Fleming weekdays on All Things Considered.

  • David Fleming speaks with Chloe Agnew, one of the original members of Celtic Woman. We'll hear a bit about Celtic Woman... as well as her recent solo release, "Reimagined." We start the program with Riverside's Peter Curtis, and some INCREDIBLE reimagining of some well known tunes from a variety of genres. The common element - it's all music which made him think of the pandemic in some way. Some quite tongue in cheek, with others quite beautiful and thoughtful. It's all solo guitar, with the exception of the wonderful jazz standard, "The Nearness of You." This one with saxophone accompaniment, and all on Peter's latest release, "Pete's Pandemic Playlist."
  • David Fleming speaks with Ray Russell, a legend in the world of jazz fusion, you might also think of him as a part of England's Wrecking Crew, with numerous film and TV scoring credits, and playing on numerous James Bond themes. He was also GIVEN a Barth guitar, built in Riverside, by George Harrison, and will be in the area soon as part of a celebration OF Barth Guitars – and The House of Note in Riverside.
  • David Fleming speaks with John Cafiero, founder and lead singer of Osaka Popstar, and the man responsible for Dr Demento’s Covered in Punk. Osaka Popstar recently re-released their debut album, with some bonuses to it, and also have a new EP JUST out. There’s one original tune, and several wonderful, fun covers.
  • David Fleming speaks with Steve Vai about his newest release, “Inviolate.” We’ll also hear about a few tracks from the cd/album – “Zeus in Chains,” “Little Pretty,” and “Teeth of the Hydra.” The latter is titled as it is because it’s played ON The Hydra – a monster guitar with three necks - a (four-string) bass, a seven-string guitar, and a twelve-string guitar. Some of the areas are fretless, with a variety of pickups. There’s also a small harp-string section, and midi plug ins to accommodate synthesized sound FX. With “Zeus in Chains,” this is yet another “riff or run captured on an unplugged guitar connected to an iphone next to the bed late at night” moments. He has a lot of those. And it was in listening to it as he progressed… the song TOLD him it would be called “Zeus in Chains.” The conversation starts talking about a jam Vai enjoyed for a long, long time before realizing it came from Steve Lukather. It became the roadmap (for a number of wonderful reasons) to creating a solo - which was the perfect way to begin a conversation about an instrumental album.We’ll hear about some approaches to things which come across as much deeper than one might expect. Or at the very least, we’ll hear about things approached in a unique fashion or unique reason. I enjoyed this one at SO many levels!
  • Celtic Woman's Chloe Agnew talks with KVCR's David Fleming about the group's beginnings and upcoming performance in Riverside.
  • Ben Stewart AKA Benjiphonik speaks with David Fleming about music and videos from the latest EP, "I Got Old." The EP was set to be released in tandem with the end of the episode of KVC-Arts.
  • David Fleming continues his conversation with Abdur-Rahman Muhamad, the man responsible for the documentary series, Who Killed Malcolm X, on Netflix.We'll also hear from Steve Vai. In a couple weeks we'll hear a close reading of Steve Vai’s most recent release, Inviolate. Beyond the album, a few shows back we heard Andy Timmons talk about Steve Vai wandering the audience, and handing the guitar off to him. I asked Vai to tell of this moment from HIS perspective. Also with Vai, the time he replaced Yngvie Malmstein with the band Alcatrazz... that was out here in Riverside... But the crowd clearly didn't know Yngvie had been replaced, as they were chanting "YNGVIE, YNGVIE, YNGVIE - and then Vai walked on with the rest of the band, after learning the material just two days prior.
  • David Fleming speaks with Abdur-Rahman Muhammad, the man responsible for the documentary series, Who Killed Malcolm X? This is a series or six episodes, each running around 45 minutes, give or take. It began as an item of personal interest. The reported "facts" and events surrounding the assassination of Malcolm X just didn't sit right. "Who Killed Malcolm X" is the culmination of over 30 years of research, and every minute is something to let soak in.
  • David Fleming speaks with Don Felder about anything BUT The Eagles. In this all too brief interview, we'll hear about Felder's group, "Flow," a jazz fusion leaning band which produced one self-titled release in 1970. We'll also touch lightly on Felder's solo releases "Road to Forever," and "American Rock and Roll." Felder is being brought to California Theatre of the Performing Arts on April 30th by Affordable Music Productions. More at affordablemusicproductions.com.David also spoke with Matt Ellis, a singer-songwriter living in the Joshua Tree area, via LA, and before that - Australia. He's one of the organizers of a benefit concert for the people of Ukraine, with around a dozen bands performing a mix of Americana, psychedelic country, folk, and more. That's April 17th at Giant Rock Meeting Room Pizza and Bar in Yucca Valley. Matt will also be performing April 16th at Red Dawg Saloon in Pioneertown. More at mattellis.com
  • David Fleming speaks with guitarist Andy Timmons. He started off playing in a band called "Taylor Bay" in the Evansville, Indiana area through a chunk of the 80's, and really got noticed in the late 80’s through the early 2000’s with the glam-metal band, Danger Danger, opening for and touring with the likes of KISS, Alice Cooper and more. Andy also has quite a few INCREDIBLE instrumental rock guitar leaning releases under his own name, and tonight we’ll be talking about the latest, out April 1st 2022.