From KVCaRts: Musician and Producer Alan Hewitt

Apr 29, 2015

Alan Hewitt cut his teeth as a producer and keyboardist with Earth Wind and Fire, and will be in the area soon performing with the Moody Blues.  Hewitt has a number of styles of music he plays, but his latest release, 'Alan Hewitt and One Nation,' goes back to his roots and early influences in jazz fusion.  He wasnt always a keyboardist, though.  He started with a very complex drum kit.  David Fleming has more.

David Fleming with keyboardist Alan Hewitt.  He'll be in the area in the next few days with the Moody Blues, and later in May with his solo project.  Hear more from Alan and his newest release, as well as conversation with 'Orange is the New Black' author Piper Kerman, on the next KVC-aRTS.  Tonight at 7 and Sunday night at 6.