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IE House Members Split Their Votes on "The American Dream and Promise Act"

Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

Two local representatives in Congress split their votes Thursday on House passage of the American Dream and Promise Act. 

Riverside Democrat Mark Takano, who was for the bill, points out, “Dreamers are Americans, too. They go to school in this country, they have jobs in this country, they serve in the military of this country, and it’s time for them to finally live in this country without the constant and crippling fear of deportation. H.R. 6 provides a much-needed pathway to citizenship for Dreamers. 

On the other hand, Corona Republican Ken Calvert claims that the bill is flawed. He said, “Instead of focusing on the undocumented children who have been here for years, the Democrats’ bill gives green cards to young adults who illegally entered our country as recently as late last year. The bill also lacks responsible eligibility requirements and would provide green cards to criminals, including gang member.”

Calvert is urging the Senate to clean up the bill and says controversial provisions, like amnesty for felons, should be removed. Takano, who wants the senate to swiftly advance the bill, said in a statement that he wants the immigration system to be more humane and reflective of our values as a nation of immigrants.

The comments of Representative Takano and Representative Calvert came from Inland News Today.