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Southern California Edison Warns About Postcard Scam

Riverside County District Attorney/TWITTER

Utility scams have existed for decades, but the pandemic is creating new opportunities to seek out victims. Southern California Edison is warning its utility customers about the latest, a COVID-19 relief scam being distributed on a postcard with unauthorized use of SCE logos.

“Essentially, the postcard tries to bate our customers into setting up an in-person meeting with a supposed representative to discuss their eligibility for six months of relief on their SCE bills," said Luu.

According to Luu, at these meetings, the imposters ask to see sensitive customer information like utility bills and credit reports.

“What we want our customers to know if they receive a postcard like this, please disregard it, and do not call the number listed on it to schedule any kind of meeting,” said Luu.

She also warns customers about spoof calls that appear to come from legitimate SCE numbers. The imposters threaten utility disconnection if bills are not paid over the phone. Luu urges customers to immediately hang up if this kind of demand is made. She said SCE will never collect bill payments or threaten disconnection over the phone. The utility has suspended disconnections until at least April due to the pandemic.

Customers should use the phone number listed on their utility bill if they believe they have been targeted by a scammer. For more information on how to report suspected scams visit sce.com/scamalert.