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San Bernardino International Airport Announces Amazon As New Air Cargo Tenant


The San Bernardino International Airport announced today that Amazon will be the new tenant of a major air cargo center there. 

Amazon had been rumored as the new tenant for a while.

They’ll move into a 660,000-square-foot air cargo logistics center called the Eastgate project which is currently under construction.

The project is expected to provide about 4,000 jobs and generate millions of dollars within five years, according to airport officials.

But there’s also been quite a bit of controversy over the project. State attorney general Xavier Becerra and local environmental groups have sued the Federal Aviation Administration, the San Bernardino International Airport Authority, and developer Hillwood Enterprises over its approval.

Mario Vasquez is with the union Teamsters Local 1932.

“The Inland Empire is America’s shopping cart - some of the richest companies in the world have made their mark here, largely off the backs of the hardworking people of our region. And unfortunately, it’s very clear that the logistics industry so far hasn’t really brought some of that wealth to the working people of this region," says Vasquez. 

"Not enough people can make ends meet. And it’s a shame that Amazon and San Bernardino International Airport Authority have not agreed to a community benefits agreement as it relates to this new Eastgate facility. Good jobs and clean air must be guaranteed through this development, and the community that has rallied around this community benefits agreement will not stop until Amazon agrees to a community benefits agreement.”

San Bernardino International Airport Authority President, San Bernardino Mayor John Valdivia, said in a press release that he looks forward to “advancing this next-generation air cargo hub and its immense economic and employment benefits both locally and on a national scale.”

The airport authority did not immediately respond to requests for additional comment.

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