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Inland House Democrats Call For President Trump's Removal From Office After Capitol Insurrection

Inland House Democrats Mark Takano and Pete Aguilar are calling for President Trump’s removal from office following violence in the U.S. Capitol. 

The Wednesday riot by pro-Trump extremists in the U.S. Capitol, spurred on by President Trump, has led to calls for his impeachment and removal by top Democratic leaders in the House and Senate.

Now, at least two Inland Empire representatives are joining that call.

The first is Congressman Pete Aguilar, a Democrat from Redlands and the Vice Chair of the House Democratic Caucus.

The full interview with Congressman Pete Aguilar.

“If the Vice President and the cabinet had any moral fortitude, they would have used the 25th Amendment already to remove the president. But if they do not act, I agree with Speaker Pelosi that the House should be ready to consider articles of impeachment. The president has no interest in leading, no interest in uniting the country, no interest in national security or our democratic norms of a peaceful transfer of power. And so it may necessitate Congress acting again," Aguilar tells KVCR.

Congressman Mark Takano, a Democrat from Riverside, agrees.

The full interview with Congressman Mark Takano.

"I support impeaching the president forthwith. I also support the invocation of the 25th Amendment," Takano tells KVCR. 

Another inland Democratic Congressman, Raul Ruiz of the Coachella Valley, tweeted Wednesday, “We will not allow today’s assault on our democracy to deter us from carrying out our constitutional duties.”

Inland House Republicans, including Ken Calvert of Corona, have not issued similar calls for impeachment and removal of the president following Wednesday’s events.

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