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Calif. Power Grid Officials Call For 'Flex Alert' Asking For Reduced Electricity Use


With a heat wave gripping parts of Southern California and power demand
on the rise ... the state's energy grid has issued a so-called flex alert ...
urging residents to conserve electricity between 2 this afternoon and 9 tonight
to reduce strain on the system.

City News Service reports that consumers are being urged to reduce their
energy use during the late afternoon ... when air conditioners drive
consumption to the highest point of the day. A flex alert is issued when the
state's power grid is under stress due to elevated demand or transmission
system outages.

   The alert calls for voluntary conservation so the state will not have to
dip into energy reserves. The agency offered a series of tips for conserving
energy ... including setting thermostats at 78 degrees or higher and turning
off air conditioners when away. Also ... avoid using appliances during peak
hours ... particularly from 4 in the afternoon to 6 in the evening. And be
warned: Today will not just be warm ... but showers and thunderstorms are also


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