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California Lawmakers Work To Jumpstart Zero-Emission Vehicle Sales


California is not on track to reach its goal of five-million zero-emission vehicles by 2030.


So, as Capital Public Radio's Randol White explains, lawmakers are considering a financial incentive to motivate would-be car buyers.

San Francisco Assemblyman Phil Ting wants to use a tax-credit model that worked for rooftop solar ... but shift it to the auto industry to sell more clean cars.


He says 80 percent of California's transportation emissions come from passenger vehicles, so it's time to jump start the transition.


TING: "We passed very aggressive green house gas emission goals and we are doing great in every sector, but transportation."


Ting says the rebate would ramp down annually, nudging consumers.


TING: "If it's at 75-hundred today and six-thousand tomorrow, well that may make me move quicker than wait."


Stanford Professor Sally Benson has spent a lot of time studying California's climate goals. She says at the current rate, we won't see five million zero-emission vehicles on the road by 2030.


BENSON: "That's a big increase. We haven't seen a lot of increases in the EV sales in recent years. Actually, we've been pretty flat."


Ting's bill just passed the transportation committee and next heads to appropriations.


All bills must get to the governor by mid September.


In Sacramento, I'm Randol White


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