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KVC-Arts 3/27/22 - Andy Timmons New Album, Electric Truth, part 2

David Fleming speaks with guitarist Andy Timmons, continuing their conversation about his new disc, Electric Truth - out April 1st. This mostly instrumental album is guitar focused of course, but we'll hear about times when it's best to not play, with the voice (guitar) having more of an impact when he does hit that note, chord, or speedy run up and down the fretboard. We'll hear about the only two songs on the disc, and hear a bit of one of them. It's a not so subtle nod to The Isley Brothers, "It's Your Thang." We'll hear about a tune which feels like Stevie Ray, and indeed it IS inspired by Jimi Hendrix, but with a BIT more swing - as Stevie Ray would do.

We'll also hear about The Sgt. Pepper's release from The Andy Timmons Band, OH so nice! The approach, the songs included...

Another nice note (as it were) we'll hear about when Andy was in the audience in Dallas watching Steve Vai play. Near the end, Steve wanders the audience, sees Andy, and hits a note which sustains long enough for him to hand the guitar off to Andy, who continued the solo in the same style, speed, and overall manner of attack. (Vai tried to hand Andy a pick, but when when Andy saw Steve approaching, he pulled a pick out of his pocket on the ready).