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Reports claim trucks tied to warehousing are fueling inequality in SoCal

Economic Roundtable
Ricardo Pereza, 45, lives near the San Bernardino International Airport. He is one of several workers serving warehouses that is concerned about the impacts of e-commerce. "I think it is the investors who are the only ones winning here. They are buying up land, pushing out the poorest people and making money off of it," he shares in new research released today by the nonprofit Economic Roundtable.

Southern California communities could do more to address pollution and economic disparities tied to trucking and e-commerce.

That’s based on economic research released today.

The nonprofit Economic Roundtable has found online buying – and all the trucks and warehouses it requires – is fueling inequality.

The Roundtable’s Daniel Flaming estimates southern California communities will saddle a billion dollars in costs for roads, emergency services, and other public expenses from all the diesel truck traffic.

"There’s a heavy price that's paid by these neighborhoods for jobs that don't pay very much," said Flaming.

Warehouse workers typically earn about $25,000 a year while the biggest online shoppers usually make more than $150,000 a year.

Flaming hopes the reports will help communities make more informed decisions around warehouse development.

You can find the reports on the Economic Roundtable's website.