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Temecula PAC Collects Signatures to Recall School Board Members

Cars driving through the City of Temecula.
Pray It No Photography
Flickr Creative Commons
Cars driving through the City of Temecula.

In just two hours yesterday, a political action committee in Temecula collected the more than 70 signatures needed to start the recall process. The PAC, called One Temecula Valley, was formed recently to protect local government from what members say is the threat of religious extremist views and candidates.

Julie Geary, with One Temecula, says that includes the three board members who make up the majority.

“They have come in with an extremist agenda. The first day that they were on the board they passed a resolution banning CRT,” said Geary.

That’s critical race theory— the idea that racism is systemic and entrenched in our laws and policies.

The board also recently rejected an elementary school textbook because the supplemental material mentions Harvey Milk. The board president and a member called him a pedophile….a baseless claim. Milk was the first openly gay man elected to political office in California and a gay rights activist.

The president of the Temecula teacher’s union, Edgar Diaz, says the recent uproar is unsettling.

“It does provide a lot of instability for an institution that's normally known for stability," said Diaz.

Choosing a new textbook and the recall are expected to cause contention at the school board meeting this evening.

There’s also an agenda item to consider firing the superintendent.

Meanwhile, the California Department of Education says it's investigating the Temecula district for a discrimination claim. An official with the agency would not elaborate.

Board member Danny Gonzalez said he could not comment on the recall.