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The Book

Season 2 Episode 7 | 57m 47s

An auction of the Corpus Hermeticum ends in mysterious circumstances as the auctioneer becomes delirious and perishes at the scene.

Aired: 04/19/23
Astrid and Raphaelle take on a magician’s sleight of hand, a witch’s evil spells and more.
Astrid Nielsen works in the library of the judicial police. She has Asperger's syndrome.
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An astrophysicist dies from a lightning strike--with no storm in sight.
A convicted murderer is found dead in his psychiatric hospital room.
A young woman is found in possession of a weapon from a crime she couldn’t have committed.
A murder is committed but the sole eyewitness is the victim’s 14-year-old autistic son.
Father Louis Desforges is found stabbed to death in a monastery. But what was he hiding?.
The investigation into the murder of a homeless man turns personal for Astrid.
A fashion photographer is found dead with a stake through the heart.
Astrid and Raphaelle puzzle over a victim with a passion for plant intelligence.
A woman accused of murder takes hostages at the criminal documentation department.
A crime scene suggests that the mythical clay creature, the Golem, is behind the murder.