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A Note from Alix, Lulu, and Hanna

Apr 21, 2021

Scuff. Crackle. Hiss.

Trust Fall

Jun 13, 2020

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The Last Sound

Apr 10, 2020

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The Reluctant Immortalist

Apr 3, 2020

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White v. White?

Mar 27, 2020

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An Unlikely Superpower

Mar 20, 2020

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The Confrontation

Mar 13, 2020

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Resources On Climate Change

Mar 6, 2020

Grappling with the realities of the climate crisis can be incredibly discouraging—especially when we feel powerless, paralyzed, or don't know where to start. In light of the potentially dark future on our horizon, here's a list of resources we've compiled for existing—and resisting—in the face of impending climate disruption.


How to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Season 6 Trailer

Mar 2, 2020

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Raising Devendra

Dec 17, 2019

What happens when you treat artificial intelligence with unconditional love?

Love And Lapses

Nov 22, 2019

Producer B.A. Parker is in the strange position of being simultaneously remembered and forgotten.

Back When I Was Older

Oct 25, 2019

As a parent, what do you do when your four-year-old starts telling you about memories you don't recognize? Memories that he claims are from a past life?

The Profile

Sep 20, 2019

A story about trying to sort fact versus fiction, how destabilizing that can be, and a very strange confrontation with the truth.


Aug 23, 2019

Richard Kraft was in a fog of grief when he bought his first Disney collectible at an auction. But once he started he couldn't stop. What's the role of positive distraction in the face of adversity?

The End of Empathy

Apr 12, 2019


This program contains strong language and tops that might not be suitable for all listeners.

LINA MISITZIS, BYLINE: In 2015, Jack did something brazen and romantic - the kind of gesture movies end on and history textbooks hinge wars on. He went and saw about a girl.

JACK PETERSON: Just flew down there, like, in the middle of the night. I just showed up where I thought she was staying.

A Very Offensive Rom-Com

Apr 5, 2019

A young woman discovers a disturbing pattern in her dating life - a pattern that challenges her very conception of who she is and what she believes in. The realization sets her off on a quest to change her attractions. But is this even possible? And should we be hacking our desire to match our values?

To our listeners:

The Remote Control Brain

Mar 29, 2019

What would it be like if you could control your mood with a hand held device?

The Weatherman

Mar 22, 2019

In this episode of Invisibilia, we explore our relationship with uncertainty through the eyes of a chief meteorologist.

Post, Shoot

Mar 15, 2019

What is the relationship between the version of you that lives online and the one that walks around the earth?


Mar 12, 2019

Invisibilia is aware of the objections raised on social media in response to our recent episode about pain, called "The Fifth Vital Sign." We regret that the story was shared on some platforms using the word "cure," which was not our intended message about this treatment program.

The Fifth Vital Sign

Mar 8, 2019

We look at how our culture's massive effort to address pain has paradoxically increased it. And we follow one young girl as she struggles through a bizarre and extreme treatment program.

Season 5 Trailer

Mar 4, 2019

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BONUS: Youth Radio Girl Mystery

Dec 21, 2018

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The Prayer

Dec 7, 2018

Five years ago, Leena Sanzgiri was living her childhood dream...New York city apartment, job at Vogue, and a boyfriend she planned to marry. Until the July day she woke up in the hospital, and everything changed.

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BONUS: Who Do You Let In?

Oct 12, 2018

An uncomfortable encounter with a stranger sets producer Abby Wendle on a quest to answer the question: who do you let in and who do you keep out? In her search for balance between openness and caution – she navigates the struggles of her long-distance relationship and chats up musician John Prine.

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BONUS: Leave A Message

Sep 14, 2018

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Alix and Hanna

Jun 13, 2018


Mike Kane

Jun 13, 2018

Mike Kane (@Mike_Kane_TV) is an Emmy-award-winning producer and writer in the DC area. His work has appeared on PBS, Discovery, TLC, Animal Planet and more. He has been performing stories on stage for more than seven years has performed in Story District's Top Shelf show four times.

Carly Ciarrocchi

Jun 13, 2018


Carly Ciarrocchi (@carlyciarrocchi) is a Brooklyn-based performer.

The Callout

Apr 13, 2018

A lot of communities today are taking a hard stand against sexual harassment and assault. Using social media shaming, ostracism, professional excommunication, whatever punishment is painful enough to shift the moral code by brute force. Through one incident in the Richmond, Va. hardcore music scene, we chronicle a social media callout and ask what pain can accomplish.

WARNING: This episode contains obscenities and descriptions of sex and violence.

Special thanks to the following musicians: