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Inland Empire Funders Alliance And Black Equity Initiative Launch Black Equity Fund

The Inland Empire Funders Alliance is partnering with the Black Equity Initiative of the Inland Empire to launch the Black Equity Fund, a regional fund with a goal of raising $5 million to support long-term investments in Black communities.

The I.E. Black Equity Fund brings together regional funders, private donors, and corporate philanthropy to partner with the Inland Empire Black Equity Initiative.

They’ll work on key issues affecting the Black community in the Inland Empire, including housing, criminal justice, and labor issues.

Felicia Jones is the Associate Director at Congregations United for Prophetic Engagement.

“It's very timely, and we know that the Inland Empire region is a special place for this to happen given that we have been paying attention to the migration of Black folks into the region, we believe that ultimately more Black folks will end up living here, and contributing to the region and certainly our organizations I think are an example of the evolution of the I.E. region as a whole, and us being part of the ecosystem I think is, it's a beautiful moment," Jones says.

Dina Walker is the President & CEO of the BLU Educational Foundation. She says that the fund was established along the principles of Kwanzaa.

"Some of those things have to do with unity, collective worker responsibility; self-determination - meaning that we have to make decisions and create our own vision; collective worker responsibility, so we have to work together, we're responsible for what happens in the Black community and our own responsibility too, which is why we're doing the work together; and then the principle about unity is that we will work and walk together in this work," Walker says. 

The fund has a preliminary goal of raising $5 million over two years.