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Eastgate Air Cargo Logistics Center To Move Forward At San Bernardino International Airport

Anthony Victoria

After approvals from the Federal Aviation Administration and the San Bernardino International Airport Authority, the Eastgate Air Cargo Logistics Center is moving forward at the San Bernardino International Airport. 

On Monday, a week after the FAA approved the project, the San Bernardino International Airport Authority approved a ground lease with master developer Hillwood Enterprises for development of about 100 acres of land at the airport.

Supporters of the center say it will bring thousands of jobs and millions of dollars in revenue to the area. Critics say it will bring air pollution, traffic, and low-paying jobs.

Anthony Victoria is with the Center for Community Action and Environmental Justice, which supports a community benefits agreement for the center.

Victoria: “The community has been loud and clear that they want a community benefits agreement and we’re going to continue to push for that idea and push for the goal of having more community input when it comes to these decisions. Because residents are the ones breathing in the pollution that these trucks and these planes are emitting. They’re the ones that oftentimes don’t have employment benefits or have good wages in these warehouses, and I think it’s just a matter of getting our community fresh air and I believe our community is being loud and clear on that.”

In a press release, San Bernardino Mayor John Valdivia said the project provides “great benefits for the residents of San Bernardino” and that it will “provide a great renaissance for our economy and help us move towards a better, more prosperous future in San Bernardino.”

It’s unclear when construction will begin, and who the tenant of the new center will be.

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