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San Bernardino Valley College Remembers Matie Scully

San Bernardino Valley College Chair of Music, and host of KVCR’s Musically Speaking, Margaret Worsley, speaks with KVCR’s Rick Dulock about the life and legacy of SBVC music professor Matie Scully, who passed April 4. Matie taught at the college for over 30 years, and a special musical tribute will be held in her honor on Friday June 16.

Rick Dulock: With 91.9 KVCR News, I'm Rick Dulock. San Bernardino Valley College Professor of Music Matie Scully passed away suddenly on April 4. She ran the performing arts department and will be remembered at a memorial concert in her honor in the place where she led many performances over the years, the San Bernardino Valley College Auditorium. Here to talk about Matie is the Chair of Music at Valley College, and host of Musically Speaking here on KVCR, Margaret Worsley. Margaret, can you tell us, who was Matie Scully?

Margaret Worsley: Madeleine “Matie” Manning Scully, or more colloquially known as Matie, was Professor of Music here at San Bernardino Valley College for 30 years. She devoted her life to music education, and her influence spans generations of students. When she started working at Valley, she went by the name Matthew, but eventually transitioned from male to female. And she went through this process openly and bravely during a time when being trans wasn't really talked about a whole lot. She even stayed a tenor voice type, as she had been a close to famous opera star, and it was a risk to mess with her vocal cords. But her honesty and resilience has inspired everyone who knew her, and we know there are lives that have been saved because of who she was and how she taught.

Rick Dulock: And I understand her students just loved her and she loved her students.

Margaret Worsley: Absolutely. She lived for her students.

Rick Dulock: What, when and where is the upcoming memorial concert?

Margaret Worsley: Yeah, we'll be holding a memorial concert to celebrate her life, that will be held Friday, June 16 at 7pm. It'll be in the auditorium here on campus at San Bernardino Valley College. The concert will be featuring a choir that consists of dozens of alum and faculty peers of Professor Scully. This choral group, like her legacy, spans generations, and we'll be singing selections from Matie's favorite pieces. So, there's going to be works by Morten Lauridsen and Handel, and Gershwin and Palestrina and a few others, and it's just going to be a beautiful tribute to this remarkable woman.

Rick Dulock: And do I have to buy a ticket?

Margaret Worsley: No, you don't have to buy a ticket. The concert is free and open to all who knew her or have been inspired by her, through perhaps the story of Professor Matie Scully. And parking is also free.

Rick Dulock: The memorial concert in honor of Matie Scully again will take place on Friday, June 16, 2023 at 7pm at the San Bernardino Valley College auditorium. That's 701 South Mount Vernon Avenue in San Bernardino. You can check out our website at kvcrnews.org, we’ll have a link with that address on it. Chair of Music at Valley College, Margaret Worsley. She's also host of Musically Speaking here on KVCR. Margaret, thanks for remembering Matie today.

Margaret Worsley: Thank you so much.

Rick Dulock: For KVCR news. I'm Rick Dulock.