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Episode 2 | Deadly Communion Part 2

Season 3 Episode 2 | 46m 21s

The search for the killer of two young beautiful women continues under the ever-present fear that there will be more victims. Oskar's friendship with a lady he meets through the investigation brings a smile to his face. But as the killer reaches out to Max, Oskar becomes deeply unsettled by the murderer's conviction that he is an artist who brings a beautiful end to his victims' lives.

Aired: 01/14/23 | Expires: 06/16/24
Funding for Vienna Blood is provided by Viking.
Max is surprised to learn that Amelia is helping Detective Rheinhardt with his cases.
Max asks his parents if he can invite Amelia as his date to their upcoming anniversary.
Clara requests Max's help to exonerate her future brother-in-law from a murder charge.
Dr. Max Liebermann and DI Oskar Rheinhardt team up to solve mysteries in 1900s Vienna.
Dr. Max Liebermann and DI Oskar Rheinhardt investigate a series of unusual murders.
The cast and crew discuss love and relationships in Season 3 of Vienna Blood.
Luise Von Finckh and Charlene McKenna examine how their characters change in Season 3.
The team explores how fashion, film and a curse play a role this season of Vienna Blood.
Max and Oskar search for the killer of two women.
Some aspects of Ida's complicated life remain.
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Some aspects of Ida's complicated life remain.
Tragedy strikes at the premiere of a silent film and Max and Oskar investigate.
Max and Oskar spend the night at the veteran soldiers' home where Steiner lived.
Max Liebermann applies his neurological expertise to a man suffering from delusions.
DI Oskar Rheinhardt needs Max Liebermann’s help when a young seamstress is found murdered.
Another monk is found dead. Max discovers a clue that reveals a hint at his behavior.
A monk is found murdered and suspicion falls on a religious Jew who had a run-in with him.
A surveillance operation uncovers an intricate foreign plot.
A beggar girl finds a mutilated corpse in the slums.
Oskar and Max must widen the search for evidence in the countess's death.