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Join host David Fleming for a program dedicated to Arts and Entertainment in our region, as well as the people and places providing it. Interviews with authors, producers, visual artists and musicians, spotlighting a classic album or a brand new release. From musical legends and icons - to players at the local level, from Broadway tours to Community theater, from the Hollywood Bowl to the Redlands Bowl.

This edition of KVC-Arts starts with Emmanuel Rogers in conversation with comedian Jackson Perdue, one of the comedian performing on the campus of San Bernardino Valley College as part of First Nations Comedy Experience. We'll hear from John Van Donk about storytelling in Chino withj Ichny Central, and Lillian Vasquez speaks with Englebert Humperdink about his new cd, put together as a love letter to his wife.

1/31/18 - Eddie Holman, Actor Richard Bermudez

Jan 31, 2018

David Fleming speaks with Richard Bermudez, playing the role of Judas in Jesus Christ Superstar - at The Landis Performing Arts Center opening February 9th. Then David speaks with singer Eddie Holman - part of an all-star lineup at the Honda Center in Anaheim February 10th.

David Fleming speaks with David Hepworth - author of "Uncommon People: The Rise and Fall of the Rock Star. After that it's Lillian Vasquez in conversation with LeeAnn Rimes - though it's more about her OFF-stage life than on. After that it's Pat Boone. David Fleming speaks with Pat about a song he wrote when he heard of the assassination of Dr Martin Luther King. It's also the 20th anniversary of Pat Boone: In a Metal Mood - No More Mr Nice Guy.

David Fleming

We celebrate KVC-Arts number 200 with the group we were fortunate to have for the 100th show - Groovesession! David Fleming speaks with Manny Sanchez and Sarven Mangiuat about "Free As You Wanna Be," the new disc about to be released. We'll hear about their work with Producer John Avila (Oingo Boingo), and their next ALBUM - a re-recording and re-release of their FIRST disc, "The Flying Burrito" - ten years old now. We also mentioned why the third member of Groovesession - Ronnie Sanchez - was not with us for the interview. A rather special reason.

This edition of KVC-Arts begins with Emmanuel Rogers in conversation with Graham Elwood about First Nation's Comedy Experience - standup comedy on the campus of  San Bernardino Valley College, soon to become a series shown on FNX-TV.  Rick Dulock then checks in with Maestro Ransom Wilson about the next performances with the Redlands Symphony.  The show close with David Fleming and Sahar Khadjenoury joined by Audiopharmacy, combining rap and hip hop with ambience, jazz, world fusion and more. You can find more of Audiopharmacy at fnx.org/theaux

1/3/18 - Vijay Iyer part 2, Paul Anka, Kitaro

Jan 3, 2018

The show begins with Lillian Vasquez in conversation with Paul Anka, coming to Palm Desert January 12th and 13th, and Beverly Hills on the 14th. We'll hear once again from Vijay Iyer, performing and lecturing at University of Redlands January 17th. More at redlands.edu/events/vijayiyer. We'll also hear from Kitaro, about his series of discs, Sacred Journey of Ku'kai.

We start with David Fleming in conversation with Ray Padgett about his recent book, "Cover Me: The Stories Behind the Greatest Cover Songs of All Time." Then David speaks with pianist Vijay Iyer, lecturing and performing at University of Redlands January 17th. More at redlands.edu/events/vijay iyer. We close the show - and the year -  with David in conversation with Warren Zanes, author of "Petty: The Biography."


This edition of KVC-Arts begins with David Fleming in conversation with jazz bassist Rob Thorsen, at The Merc in Temecula December 28th. David then speaks to Candice Night, who along with Ritchie Blackmore (Deep Purple, Rainbow...), make up Blackmore's Night. And - they've JUST re-released "Winter Carols."


This edition of KVC-Arts begins with Jessica Greenwell in converrsation with Larry Burns, author of 100 Thing To Do In Riverside Before You Die. We'll hear about, well, a couple of them - including the Riverside Festival of Lights. Then it's David Fleming in conversation with Elizabeth Chan, who left her position as an executive in a high profile marketing company... to start a company devoted solely to Christmas Music. She's written well over 1000 Christmas songs, and has just released "Songs For Noelle," named for, and dedicated to, her new daughter.

Rick Dulock speaks with Graham Ellwood, a standup comic and organizer of Custer's Last Standup. That's live indigenous standup in San Bernardino being filmed for a series coming soon to FNX TV, First Nation's Experience. The rest of the show remains funny, but now it's David Fleming in conversation with Bruce Belland, of the Four Preps. The Four Preps are part of a six act lineup with The Chantels, Lala Brooks, The Skyliners, The Marcels, and The Mystics. That's "Legend of Doo Wop and Rock n' Roll" at The California Theatre in San Bernardino December 16th.

It's all doo wop on this edition of KVC-Arts. The show starts with David Fleming in conversation with Lala Brooks, of The Crystals, then David speaks with George Galfo, of The Mystics. These are two of the six headliners with Legends of Doo Wop and Rock and Roll, December 16th at The California Theatre in San Bernardino. The other acts are The Four Preps, The Skyliners, The Chantels, and The Marcels. Affordablemusicproductions.com for tickets and more information.

It's another program dedicated to Doo Wop, with "Legend of Doo Wop and Rock n, Roll coming to the California Theatre in San Bernardino December 16th, with The Chantels, The Mystics, The Tokens, The Skyliners, The Marcels, and LaLa Brooks of The Crystals. Affordablemusicproductions.com for tickets and information.

This edition of KVC-Arts begins with Lillian Vasquez in conversation with Kelly Bocanegra about the Assistance League – Foothill Communities, and coming up December 3rd, their annual Christmas Tree Brunch, and the activities associated with it. KVCR Interim General Manager Keith Birkfeld speaks with Rob Reiner - not about the film LBJ, but touching on some social and political issues as well.

11/8/17 - Paul Anka, Kitaro

Nov 8, 2017

This episode of KVC-Arts begins with Lillian Vasquez in conversation with Paul Anka - at the Fox in Riverside November 18th. Then it's David Fleming in conversation with Kitaro - touring Kojiki and the Universe, with stops in La Jolla and LA.

We start with David Fleming in conversation with Linda Dilday, with The Riverside Dickens Festival. The festival isn't until February, but associated WITH it - Gerald Dickens  will be in Riverside performing some of his Great, Great, Grandfather's work. David then speaks with Christa Stevens, co-founder of Redlands Opera Theatre, now transitioning to Inland Opera. 

This edition of KVC-Arts has Rick Dulock finding out more about La Sierra University's Archeology Discovery Weekend. Sasha Chavez shares some memories of Halloween AND Dia de los Muertos, Then it's Lillian Vasquez in conversation with Mario Frangoulis - performing in the area soon.

10/18/17 - Haley Reinhart, Patty Farmer

Oct 18, 2017

On this edition of KVC-Arts, we sit down with author Patty Farmer to discuss her book Playboy Swings: How Hugh Hefner and Playboy Changed the Face of Music. We also speak with Haley Reinhart about her new disc "What's That Sound" which features a mix of mid to late 60's tunes alongside some of her originals. 

This edition begins with Rick Dulock in conversation with Collette Lee, Director of The Riverside Arts Acadamy. Then it's Lillian Vasquez speaking with Timothy Jones - co-host, along with Iris Hill, of Hidden Hikes, which just saw it's premiere on KVCR-TV.  The show wraps up with David Fleming and RW Enoch, founder of The Urban Renewal Project, a band out of LA infusing Soul, R&B and Rap & Hip Hop with the swing and sound of Big Band jazz.

This edition of KVC-Arts begins with Rick Dulock in conversation with Ransom Wilson, music director and conductor for The Redlands Symphony. David Fleming checks back in with Corrina Lesser, talking about upcoming events at Scripps College through "Scripps Presents." Then it's music from Flogging Molly, with Ross French in conversation with accordianist Matt Hensley.

This edition of KVC-Arts begins with David Fleming in converstion with Corrina Lesser, with Scripps College. We hear about "Scripps Presents," a series of lectures, art, and music. We follow with Lillian Vasquez speaking with Daniel Durston, with "Million Dollar Quartet. Then it's Ross French speaking with Al Pitrelli, musical director and original guitarist with Trans Siberian Orchestra.

This KVC-Arts begins with Rick Dulock in conversation with Danielle Giudici Wallis about an upcoming Arts Connection conference and associated activities in Joshua Tree. Then it's David Fleming in conversation with Chip Davis - the man behind Mannheim Steamroller. One of the men behind Convoy too.


This KVC-Arts begins with David Fleming in conversation with Steve Rushingwind and Nelson Rios about the cd "Fuego," which received nominations for THREE Nammys - the Native American music Grammy.  It's Ben Purper then in conversation with Inland Empire Trumpeter Gabriel James, of The Frienz Band. The show closes with Ross French speaking with Steve Twigger, of Gaelic Storm. Gaelic Storm is closing this years' Get Shamrocked Festival in Murietta.

First it's music and conversation with Goldy Locks, of The Goldy Locks Band on KVCR-TV September 12th as we welcome several new KVCR TV hosts - Goldy being one OF them. Then it's Lillian Vasquez in conversation with Paula Poundstone, in Riverside September 23rd.

Gene Felix

This edition of KVC-Art begins with Lillian Vasquez, and music and conversation with country star Clay Walker. The it's Rick Dulock finding out more on ChristFest, a two day Christian world pop music festival. The show closes with Sahar Kadjenoury with Lakota John and Sweet Papa John. Piedmont blues, a homemade welded together guitar, and much more.

The show begins with Emmanuel Rogers in conversation with Dan White, author of "Under the Stars: How America Fell In Love With Camping." Ben Purper speaks with comedian John Pate about HIS new book - "Tears of Gaduhav." Then it's Lillian Vasquez in conversation with Marcus Collins, of The Texas Tenors.

This edition of KVC-Arts begins with Rick Dulock in conversation with Andrew K. Thompson, one half of the two person exhibition Gray is the Color of Theory, running at The Gresham Art Gallery on the campus of San Bernardino Valley College. Then it's David Fleming in conversation with Adrianna Marie, closing out this years' Blue Jay Jazz Festival August 24th at Skypark at Santa's Village. We also hear about her new release - Kingdom of Swing.


This edition of KVC-Arts starts with Lillian Vasquez in conversation with Gene and Ethan Bortnik about a talent show and TV show coming to the region soon - A Celebration of Music. Ben Purper speaks with comedian and author John Pate, then David Fleming speaks with Cristofer Gross about The Blue Jay Jazz Festival. The festival features The King Brothers on August 10th, Greg Adams and East Bay Soul on the 17th, and Adrianna Marie and her Groovecutters on the 24th. That's at Skypark at Santa's Village. 

Rick Dulock begins this edition of KVC-Arts in conversation with Ernest and June Siva about the upcoming Dragonfly Gala - a fundraiser on the Morongo Reservation celebrating Southern California Native American arts, culture, language and more. Then it's David Fleming in conversation with Jan Daley. Jan is a former Miss California, toured with Bob Hope on his USO tours to Vietnam, and JUST released a new cd, The Way of a Woman.

This edition of KVC-Arts is focused solely on singer Chris Montez, who brought us "Let's Dance," "Call Me" and much more. Montez is part of the lineup for Legends of Doo Wop, Soul and Rock n' Roll, along with Mel Carter, Carla Cooke, and Terry Johnson's Flamingos. That's coming to Highlander Auditorium in Upland August 5th. Tickets and information at affordablemusicproductions.com

legends of doo wop

This week Lillian Vasquez finds out about Junior University's 2017 presentation of Peter Pan. Also, a conversation with PBS Star and now talent show host, Ethan Bortnick and his dad about the upcoming show and how local students can get involved. And David Fleming chats with Carla Cooke, the daughter of Sam Cooke, about her life and her participation in the upcoming Legends of Doo Wop Concert in Upland.