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Street vendor activists facing felony charges await Thursday bail hearing

Anthony Victoria
Attorney Nicholas Rosenberg, who represents activist Edin Enamorado, speaks to the public outside of the Victorville Courthouse on Tuesday, December 26, 2023. On Thursday, a San Bernardino County Judge will decide whether eight street vendor activists will be allowed to post bail.

A San Bernardino County Judge on Thursday will decide whether eight street vendor activists under the custody of the Sheriff’s Department will be allowed to post bail. The group is facing multiple felony charges.

The district attorney’s office announced in court that they hold thousands of pages of evidence of criminal behavior.

This includes police reports, social media posts and surveillance video.

Attorney Mauro Quintero is representing Stephanie Amesquita, one of the eight being held without bail.

He said the defendants will have the chance to make their case to be released

"A person who is out of custody has a clearer mind and is able to more properly reflect and defend themselves," he said.

Groups of people gathered at the courthouse to show their support.

Luvinder Kaur is a school teacher who is supporting Gullit Acevedo, another one of the defendants.

She believes Acevedo, better known by his stage name Jaguar, and the others are being falsely charged.

"He’s not a terrorist. He’s an activist," Kaur said. "And first and foremost, he’s an educator."

The Bail Review hearing is scheduled for 8:30 am Thursday.