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Girl Scout Cookie Sales Take A Hit During Coronavirus Pandemic


There are a lot of great things about being a Girl Scout.

REBECCA LATHAM: If you ask a group of Girl Scouts, what is your favorite thing about Girl Scouting? - 8 out of 10 of them will tell you they love selling cookies.


That's Rebecca Latham, the CEO of Girl Scouts of New Mexico Trails. She says that selling cookies is about more than just raising money.

LATHAM: They are running their own business, and that is really affirming to them.

KING: During the pandemic, cookie sales took a hit. Across the country, there are 15 million boxes unsold.

LATHAM: Over the past year, girls are really suffering from a crisis of loneliness. Not being able to conduct their cookie programs the way that they have done in the past was very difficult for them.

MARTIN: So to sell during the pandemic, her scouts had to get creative.

LATHAM: So here in New Mexico, we partnered with the New Mexico United Soccer Team and Dion's, which is a beloved pizza chain. So the girls did pop-up sales and were able to get through 10,000 packages of cookies in one day.

MARTIN: They went from 22,000 unsold boxes down to 2,800. Latham is hopeful they'll be able to donate the rest.

LATHAM: We are continuing to take donations through our Hometown Heroes program, and we'll continue to do that until we have none left. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.