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Demonstrators Around The World Pay Homage To George Floyd


The cries of protesters angered by the death of George Floyd have spread from Minneapolis around the world. Demonstrators are paying homage to Floyd but also speaking out about police brutality and injustice they see in their own countries. They've taken to the streets in London, as we heard elsewhere in the show.


In Australia, thousands marched through the streets of Sydney, chanting, I can't breathe, and crying for change in the treatment of Australia's Indigenous people. In Cape Town, South Africa, a few dozen people assembled at the gates of Parliament to protest the deaths of a handful of South Africans whom they allege were killed by police and soldiers for violating local lockdown rules.

KELLY: Protests have also flared in Paris, Athens, Tel Aviv, Stockholm. But it was a sign at that London protest that may best have summed up this moment the world finds itself in. Written on it were four words - racism is a pandemic.

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