Volunteers Needed for Future San Bernardino County Vaccination Sites

Jan 29, 2021

San Bernardino County set up a new portal online for both medical and non-medical volunteers to sign up and help at county-run COVID-19 vaccination sites. 

Volunteers are needed to fulfill the county’s plans to operate a vast number of vaccination sites throughout the state’s largest geographic county, said San Bernardino County Board of Supervisor’s Chair Curt Hagman.

“So that volunteer portal will allow people who want to get involved to help get this vaccination out, which allows us to be a force-multiplier,” said Hagman.

Vaccine supply dictates how many sites the county can operate, said county spokesperson David Wert by email.  And so, with vaccine supply limited right now, the primary purpose of the portal is to get volunteers on board in anticipation of vaccine supplies ramping up. 

"All indicators are that at some point, perhaps soon, everyone will be getting much more vaccine than is available now," said Wert. "And as soon as that starts to happen, that’s when the county will open 10 to 25 vaccination centers, including some mega-vaccination sites. And that’s when we’ll need a lot of help."

Licensed medical workers and local residents without medical experience who are interested to learn more can visit the county’s human resources website at hr.sbcounty.gov/volunteerhub/.