Mano y Mano Productions Presents Local Band Kiki Diago And Other Performances At The Concert Lounge

Sep 19, 2018

Local Band Kiki Diago will be performing at The Concert Lounge on Friday, September 28.
Credit Mishi Armendarez

A little bit of funk, rock, and soul, Inland Empire’s homegrown band Kiki Diago will be performing in Downtown Riverside at the end of this month.

Other performers include Eduardo Arenas from Chicano Batman, Fontana based band Dream Lover, and LA based solo artist Katzu Oso.

You can catch the band at the end of this month at The Concert Lounge in Downtown Riverside on Friday, September 28th. 

To purchase tickets, visit

You can listen to Kiki Diago’s Vol. 1 album on Spotify or Bandcamp. You can also watch their live sessions on YouTube.

IE Band Dream Lover will also be playing with Kiki Diago at The Concert Lounge at the end of this month.
Credit Chelsea Rose Brown
Eduardo Arenas from Chicano Batman will be performing at the the Concert Lounge with Katzu Oso, Dream Lover, and Kiki Diago.
Credit Mano y Mano Productions / Mano y Mano Productions