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How to Find COVID-19 Vaccine Appointments and Other Questions Answered


Appointments for the COVID-19 vaccine at Riverside and San Bernardino County-run sites are now booked for most of January. As demands continue to outpace the extremely limited availability of doses, KVCR collected the latest information.

Who is eligible for the vaccine right now?

Both Riverside and San Bernardino County are following a tiered two-phase approach.

Riverside County is currently giving doses to all tiers in Phase 1a and tier 1 of Phase 1b. This includes healthcare workers and long-term care facilities, persons aged 65 and older, teachers, child care workers, law enforcement, food and agriculture workers and emergency services.  To track which groups in Riverside County are eligible, visit: https://www.ruhealth.org/covid-19-vaccine

San Bernardino County is currently giving does to all tiers in Phase 1a, which includes health care personnel, long-term care facility residents and people age 65 and older who live and work in San Bernardino County. To track which groups are eligible, visit https://sbcovid19.com/vaccine/

San Bernardino County residents age 65 and older can sign up for a notification system to receive updates on vaccination opportunities here: https://sbcovid19.com/vaccine/65plus/#load

I am eligible to receive the vaccine. How do I make an appointment?

For those who are currently eligible for the vaccine, appointments for county public health vaccination sites can be made here:

However, due to the extremely limited amount of vaccines available at county public health sites, county health officials say residents should also check with their primary care and urgent care doctors, pharmacies and local hospitals. Riverside County has a vaccine dashboard that shows the number of doses received at community health partnership locations.

Community Partners Offering the Vaccine:

Hospitals/Medical Systems:


There aren’t any available vaccine appointments. Why can’t I get an appointment?

After the state announced people age 65 and older were eligible to receive the vaccine, appointments for public health vaccination sites are getting snatched up within hours of them becoming available online. In Riverside County, appointments are full through January 22. In San Bernardino County, appointments are full through January 30. Both counties will continue to add dates online as doses become available.

“This is not a volunteer issue. This is not a venue issue. This is a vaccine issue,” said Riverside County Board Chair Karen Spiegel in a recent news release. “We’ve had plans in place for mass distribution for some time. Plans and places are not the concern. We do not have enough vaccine available to meet the demand.”

Counties receive weekly shipments of vaccines from the state based on population. As of January 19, Riverside County has received 114,825 doses and San Bernardino County has received 75,900.

I need help scheduling an appointment or do not have internet access.

For Riverside County residents who need help registering, call 211. For those who are age 65 and older who need help navigating the vaccine registration portal, call 800-510-2020. Select [2] for local county assistance, then Select [1] and say “Riverside.”

Residents of San Bernardino County who need assistance may call 909-387-3911 or email coronavirus@DPH.sbcounty.gov

Do I need an appointment to get the vaccine?

Yes, there are no walk-ups allowed at vaccination sites.

What do you need to bring to your vaccine appointment?

For workers in all tiers of Phase 1a and tier 1 of Phase 1b, a worker ID badge or letter from place of employment is required. For people age 65 and older, identification that verifies age is required.

Will the Inland Empire have a mass vaccination “super” site like Dodger’s Stadium in Los Angeles County or Disneyland in Orange County?

Riverside County is not planning on a super site due to the large geographic area of the county. County officials are working on adding to their existing list of locations as more vaccine doses becomes available.

San Bernardino County says they hope to announce the site of a “super” site next week.

Will I have to pay for the vaccine?

No, both people with and without medical insurance can get the vaccine for free.

I am an undocumented immigrant. Can I get the vaccine?

Yes, vaccine distribution in the state of California is based on the phased eligibility plan, regardless of residency or immigration status.