University of California, Riverside

University of California, Riverside’s continuing education center now has a cannabis program that seeks to train students to become employees and leaders in the state’s growing legal cannabis industry.

The courses are offered through UCR Extension, the university’s continuing education division that focuses on professional education and training.


Monday, October 19 is the last day to register to vote, and the latest numbers show that Inland Empire voters have been registering at some of the highest rates in the state.

According to state data, as of September 4, San Bernardino County had the second highest percent increase in voter registrations in the state. Riverside County had the fifth largest. U.C. Riverside political science professor, Francisco Pedraza says this regional rise may be due to decades of work done by community organizations.  

U.C. Riverside’s School of Business gave an optimistic outlook for the Inland Empire’s economic recovery from the pandemic-related recession during its annual conference on October 13. In many sectors, the region fairs better than the state despite a slowed recovery of jobs lost due to the shutdown. 

Dr. Christopher Thornberg, director of U.C.R.’s Center for Economic Forecasting, says record home sales and increased consumer spending in recent months shows that people are learning to live as normally as possible with COVID-19.

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With the 2020 census count underway, KVCR is profiling IE RISE, or the Inland Empire Roadmap for an Inclusive and Sustainable Economy

IE RISE has a couple ambitious goals. It seeks to engage grass-roots organizations, businesses, and government partners, support youth voices, build research and policy capacity within the region, and provide a roadmap for an inclusive and sustainable economy.

The University of California, Riverside’s Center for Social Innovation has released new resources to help track and fight COVID-19, as well as a new report on the state of nonprofits in the Inland Empire. 

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UC Riverside has unveiled a new lab dedicated to fighting a deadly citrus disease that’s ravaged citrus groves in Florida and China. 

The disease is called Huanglongbing, or HLB. It’s a disease that kills citrus trees.

The new lab is billed as the product of a partnership between the state’s citrus growers and UCR, aimed at protecting California’s $3.3 billion citrus industry from HLB.

The $8 million lab was funded by the California Citrus Research Foundation through donations by citrus growers and packers.

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A UC Riverside scientist has made a key discovery about evolution from an unlikely source: guppies. 

UCR professor of biology David Reznick used the small fish to study this question: do animals evolve in response to the risk of being eaten, or to the environment that they create in the absence of predators?

According to Reznick’s research, it’s the latter.

In the wild, guppies can migrate to places where predators can’t follow them. Once they arrive in these places free of predators, they start to evolve rapidly.