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Corporate Sponsorship

Capitalize on a highly-informed audience on the cutting edge of news, politics and culture. Learn about unique sponsorship opportunities across radio, television, digital, print, events and more.

of NPR listeners prefer to do business with companies that support NPR

Source: National Public Media

For more information or to see how we can work with you, please contact Lillian Vasquez at lvasquez@kvcr.org.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Pledge Day Sponsor
During our pledge drive, KVCR will highlight your business throughout the day.

Pledge Challenge Grants
Organizations that support KVCR benefit from the "Halo" effect by showcasing their commitment to KVCR's independent journalism.

Digital Sponsorship
Your business will display in a prominent spot on our website, linking our listeners to your website.

Examples of Pledge Drive Sponsorships

Day Sponsor Instagram Story

Social Media
As a day sponsor during our membership campaign, your business will be featured on social media throughout the day.

US Rubber Homepage

Homepage Placement
As a day sponsor of our membership campaign, your business will be highlighted on the homepage of kvcrnews.org in a prominent location for the day.

US Rubber - Day Sponsor

Broadcast Talking
As a day sponsor during our membership campaign, we will talk about your business on-air throughout the day.

Examples of Standard Underwriting

Silver / Gold Member Sponsorship
At the $360.00 / $600.00 level, you can get your personal message on the air. You don't have to be a business or a non-profit.

Example Audio - Caprice

Organization Underwriting
We will work with you to craft a message about your organization. This message will be read throughout the day, ensuring listeners get a chance to hear it.

Example Audio - IEHP


Does KVCR have any guidelines about the creative copy I can run on radio, TV or online?

KVCR abides by all FCC guidelines for public radio. We will work with you to craft a message that resonates with our audience. Our digital properties offer the greatest flexibility if you want more control over your message.