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Two U.C. Riverside physicists are working to understand the rules for how viruses build themselves, something that could drive the development of new drug therapies for COVID-19. KVCR’s Megan Jamerson spoke with them ahead of a free virtual event Tuesday, April 20 where they will discuss how their research can help us better understand the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

Are viruses alive? And why do physicists study them? These are two questions Dr. Roya Zandi is often asked.

U.C. Riverside’s Center for Social Innovation is hosting an Inland Empire Policy Summit this week with a focus on building a more equitable future during COVID-19 pandemic recovery efforts.

While this is the third policy summit the center has hosted, Director Karthick Ramakrishnan says this time it’s different.

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The results of a survey on the top educational priorities of Black families and students across the Inland Empire was released Thursday. KVCR’s Megan Jamerson reports that the goal was to raise up Black voices in the conversation around solving racial inequalities in education.

Academic success, Black History education, college and career access, effective teachers and graduation rates. These were the top five priorities as shared by the 955 survey participants who nearly all identified as African American or Black.

U.C. Riverside held a virtual panel Wednesday afternoon with experts and university leaders to talk through expectations around the Biden-Harris administration, including the specific influence two women might have. 

U.C. Riverside political science Professor Dr. Jennifer Merolla says she hopes that Kamala Harris’ historic rise to the office of the vice presidency will not only bring a unique perspective to the table but also have an effect on children.


U.C. Riverside announced Thursday that it is leading one of the nation’s largest research initiatives to reverse a decline in honeybees which threatens food crops and prices.

With a 900,000 dollar grant, U.C. Riverside will help lead a group of researchers from U.C. Davis, San Diego and Merced campuses looking for solutions to restore bee colony populations.

As the pandemic rages on, public trust in institutions is down and disparities across society are up. A panel of U.C. Riverside and U.C. Merced social scientists met virtually on November 19 to dig into why.

During the two-hour panel they shared the ways COVID-19 is worsening existing inequalities across sectors like health, education and the work force. Several panelists pointed to the question of who has the power in policy decision-making and if they are asking the right questions.

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As election results continue to trickle in across California and the nation, KVCR’s Megan Jamerson spoke to U.C. Riverside Political Science Professor Francisco Pedraza about some of the big questions post-election. They discussed record voter turnout during the pandemic, what is at stake for American democracy, and how the professionals got the polls wrong once again.

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The coronavirus pandemic may have upended the world of live theatre, but the Theatre Department at the University of California, Riverside has found a way around it. They created a hybrid play, film, and radio drama called “At the Pass” which will soon be turned into a podcast. KVCR’s Benjamin Purper spoke with some of the key players behind “At the Pass.”

Lillian Vasquez speaks with Lavinia Mitroi, a student at the UCR School of Medicine, who sits on the COVID-19 Student Taskforce at UC Riverside. Lavinia shares how the student volunteers in the Taskforce provide help to those in need. Lillian also has a conversation with Frank Tiessen, President of Carrera of America. Frank discusses how slot car racing provides a way for families to spend time together during the pandemic.

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Federal officials announced yesterday that UC Riverside and three other universities will receive federal funds to find alternatives to animal testing. 

UC Riverside will receive about $850,000 in federal grant funds for research aimed at finding alternatives to using animals for testing chemicals.

The total grant is $4.25 million going to four universities – UC Riverside, Johns Hopkins, Oregon State and Vanderbilt.

RIVERSIDE (CNS) - Employment growth is down to a crawl in the Inland Empire, but wages continue to steadily rise and spending remains strong, reflecting ongoing economic strength in the region, according to a report released Monday by the UC Riverside Center for Economic Forecasting & Development.

UCR Study Finds E-Cigarettes Damage Brain Stem Cells

Jul 2, 2019

A research team at the University of California, Riverside has found that electronic cigarettes damage brain cells.  KVCR's Benjamin Purper has more.

The team found that e-cigarettes produce a stress response in neural stem cells, which are critical cells in the brain. 

Stem cells become specialized cells in the body like brain or blood cells. They’re a lot more sensitive to stress than specialized cells, which means we can study them to find out how the body reacts to stress.

   RIVERSIDE (CNS) - A 24-year-old man accused of threatening to carry
out a shooting at UC Riverside was charged Tuesday with making terrorist threats.
   Matthew Jeremiah Woolridge of Riverside was arrested in the predawn
hours last Friday following an investigation by UCR police, who allege he made
the threat via Snapchat on Thursday night. The posting read, ``I'm shooting up
UC Riverside tomorrow. 1st Black school shooter going down in History.''
   Investigators used the social media post to identify and locate the

RIVERSIDE (CNS) - Felony and misdemeanor charges are expected to be
filed today against a 24-year-old Riverside man who allegedly threatened to
carry out a shooting at UC Riverside.
   Matthew Jeremiah Woolridge was booked Friday into the Robert Presley
Jail in Riverside on suspicion of making terrorist threats, with bail
originally set at $10,000. Authorities subsequently identified additional
alleged offenses, including presenting false identification to a peace officer,
resulting in a bail hike to $30,000.

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UC Riverside bus riders will soon have access to one of the Inland Empire's largest public transportation centers.  Here's KVCR's Katie Trojano with more. 



Black Panther and Into The Spider-verse brought comics about people of color to the big screen this year.  But a UCR professor says this kind of attention is exciting, but overdue.  KVCR's Isel Cuapio has more.

Black Panther and Into the Spiderverse brought comics about people of color to the big screen this year. But a UCR professor says this kind of attention is exciting but overdue.


UC Riverside is hosting its fifth annual Solar Energy Conference this Wednesday and Thursday, at the UCR Bourns Technology Center.  KVCR's Jonathan Linden has the story. 

The goal of the conference is to turn the Inland Empire into a “Solar Valleyand a nation-wide leader in renewable energy.


The federal Environmental Protection Agency is likely to approve limited antibiotic use in citrus trees.  Capital Public radio's Julia Mitric has more on what this could mean for California's $3.4 billion citrus industry.


UC Riverside officials say cleaning services at some student housing facilities and some dining venues will be affected by a 3-day strike by University of California union workers beginning today.  More on the UC strike from The California Report's Penny Nelson.

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Do you think you could tell the difference between the taste of tap water, bottled water, and recycled water?  A UC Riverside researcher recently published a study including the results of a blind, "toilet-to-tap" water taste test.  The California Report's Penny Nelson has the story.


A judge ordered the California Department of Agriculture to stop spraying dozens of pesticides.  Some environmental groups count this as a win.  However, a UC Riverside researcher warns the move to stop the spraying will hurt efforts to fight a damaging citrus disease.  Capital Public Radio's Julia Mitric has more.


Writers, poets, and other speakers from across the nation will participate in the University of California, Riverside's annual Writers Week events.  More from KVCR's Ken Vincent.


Pickets and protests will be evident at many University of California campuses today.  The UC and one of it's biggest employee unions are still at a stalemate over contract talks that have been stalled for months.  More from KVCR's Ken Vincent.


A former California lawmaker is being charged with illegally helping his wife - popular UC Riverside professor and administrator Pamela Clute - end her life.  More from KVCR's Ken Vincent.


A little-known section of the San Jacinto Fault in Southern California could erupt with a damaging earthquake a lot sooner than once thought.  A research team at UC Riverside made the discovery by using a new technique in seismic detection.  Details from The California Report's Steven Cuevas.


Inland Empire-based local, state, and federal officials will gather with representatives from the California Air Resources Board today (Friday) to break ground on CARB's new, giant, state-of-the-art headquarters and vehicle emissions testing facility.  More from KVCR's Ken Vincent.

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Researchers at the University of California Riverside have developed a ceramic skull implant where doctors can deliver ultrasound treatments on a recurring basis.  KVCR's Isel Cuapio spoke with Guillermo Aguilar, professor and chair of Mechanical Engineering about the research efforts.


The University of California Riverside announced it's Fulbright Scholars last month.  Today, the first of two stories focused on the local winners and their plans for the year.  KVCR's Carla Marquez has the story.


A famous UC Riverside professor is caught up in a national Twitter controversy.  UCR Professor Reza Aslan has been dropped as a TV series producer and host by CNN after Aslan tweeted a crude message about President Trump.  More from KVCR's Ken Vincent.