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RIVERSIDE (CNS) - A Riverside high school teacher suspected of sending
inappropriate text messages to nearly a dozen female students was released
from jail today after posting a $55,000 bond.
   Frank Garcia, 49, of Fontana was arrested and booked into the Robert
Presley Jail Wednesday on suspicion of multiple acts of annoying a minor.
   Garcia posted bail this morning and was released from custody.
   ``We are shocked and disappointed by these allegations made against an
RUSD staff member,'' according to a Riverside Unified School District

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RIVERSIDE (CNS) - Elementary, junior high and high school students today will be showcasing a host of simple and complex projects -- from a rocket engine composed of household products to next generation straws that are biodegradable -- during the Riverside County Science & Engineering Fair.


California's education system is likely to change with Democrats winning back a super majority in the state Legislature and Governor-Elect Gavin Newsom promising universal preschool for the next generation.  Capital Public Radio's Nadine Sebai reports.

The Redlands Unified School District has agreed to settle three sex abuse lawsuits involving eight former students for nearly $16 million.  More from KVCR's Ken Vincent.


California lawmakers are planning to join high school students in walkouts arond the state today (Wednesday) protesting for tighter restrictions on firearms after last month's Parkland, Forida shooting.  They're also considering new gun laws, as KVCR's Ken Vincent reports.

Project Moving Forward / Project Moving Forward

Project Moving Forward is a language program designed to help English second language learners and students from lower socioeconomic backgrounds to succeed in the core curriculum.  Project founder Dr. Linda Navarrette launched the program in 2012 in Sacramento schools, and now in Moreno Valley schools.  KVCR's Isel Cuapio reports.


Once again - for the third time - the same student from Corona has won the annual Riverside County Spelling Bee, and is again on her way to the Scripps National Spelling Bee back east.  More from KVCR's Ken Vincent.

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In Perris, it's not just the neighbors who were unaware of what was happening inside the Turpin home where authorities found the 13 emaciated Turpin children.  The Turpin parents arrested on suspicion of child abuse were running a home school that authorities seem to know nothing about.  Now, the California Legislature is looking into changing rules for home schooling.  Reporter Vanessa Rancano has more.


California middle and high school students would not have to start daily classes until at least 8:30am, under a bill making its way through the California Legislature.  However, many teachers may not like the proposed later school start times, as KVCR's Ken Vincent explains.

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The Press-Enterprise reports this morning that some school districts in Riverside County are having to cut back or charge parents for after-school programs, because of rising costs and funding from the state that has been stagnant at best.  In Sacramento, backers of California after-school programs are pushing hard for their first state funding increase in a decade, even as the Trump administration has called for cutting federal funding.  Capital Public Radio's Ben Adler has more.

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At the Jurupa Valley Unified School District's Stone Elementary School in Riverside, teacher Ron Morris leads his kindergarten students in bilingual song to help teach language, culture, and diversity. 

Reporter Deepa Fernandes prepared this report, broadcast nationwide on NPR's "Morning Edition" this morning.

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Several Riverside County high schools will be competing in the next round of the High School Mock Trial Competition.  More from KVCR's Ken Vincent.


The Adelanto Elementary School District has identified more than 170 of its employees as possible victims of a clerical error, meaning the district could owe millions of dollars to its classified employees.  Reporter Charity Lindsey broke the story for the Victor Valley Daily Press last week, and now brings her report to KVCR.

Cal State San Bernardino has been awarded two federal grants, each for $5 million, to work with community colleges to support Hispanic and low-income STEM students.  KVCR's Isel Cuapio has more.


Keeping Inland Empire students in school is the topic of a Riverside County-sponsored conference this week.  KVCR's Ken Vincent has more.


A famous - and quite large - American flag will be displayed at a high school football game tonight (Friday) in Menifee.  KVCR's Ken Vincent has details.

The Riverside County Sheriff's Department is investigating the mysterious death of a popular Inland Empire educator.  KVCR's Ken Vincent has more.

Drug and alcohol use dropped among students in California and school safety increased.  Capital Public Radio's Ed Joyce reports on the result of a new statewide report.


For most students attending Catholic school, it's not enough to know your ABC's and long division.  Delila Vasquez, President of the Catholic Elementary Schools of San Bernardino, says students learn that plus values, faith, and other lessons they continue to use throughout their entire lives.  Vasquez is one of the speakers at the Latino Education and Advocacy Days --LEAD -- Summit at Cal State San Bernardino tomorrow [Wednesday]. 

A UC Berkeley report finds California school facilities are underfunded, and that's putting more stress on the budgets of districts serving low-income students.  Capital Public Radio's Ben Bradford reports.

A UCLA study notes falling suspension rates in California school districts. The study also suggests that schools issuing fewer suspensions see stronger student achievement. Capital Public Radio's Ben Adler provided this report.

Rory O'Sullivan

A local mom is helping to keep Moreno Valley Unified School District students safe on their way to and from school. Parents, educators, and school officials say they are glad to have Shor Denny's 'Safe Routes' program in their schools.  Denny started Community Now, which sponsors the 'Safe Routes' program in 2011.  The program has since branched out to eleven schools. 

Rory O'Sullivan, a correspondent with The Redlands Facts and The Voice News, visited Honey Hollow Elementary to see the program in action and prepared this report for KVCR.


The results are in from California's new standardized test given to measure student achievement under the new Common Core educational standards.  Statewide, students didn't do as well as expected, and here in the Inland Empire, students generally fared slightly worse than the statewide average.  KVCR's Matt Guilhem reports.


School is back in session across the Inland Empire.  With students back hitting the books, the personal financial website WalletHub has released a report ranking the relative level of education achievement in the nation's top 150 metropolitan areas.  As KVCR's Matt Guilhem reports, Southern California Doesn't fare too well.


Today [Wednesday] is the first day of school in the Redlands Unified School District.  Other Inland Empire school districts have already started classes, or will soon begin the school year before the month of August is over.  With triple-digit heat and sunshine lasting into the evening, August may seem a little early for kids to be going back to school.  KVCR's Matt Guilhem was given the assignment of finding out why school now starts in the heart of summer instead of after Labor Day, when many of today's students' parents used to head back to school.


Sports teams using the nickname "Redskins" are coming under increased pressure nationally to abandon the name.  As Capital Public Radio's Ben Adler reports, a bill at the California state Capitol would make California the first state to ban public schools from using "Redskins" as their nickname or mascot.


San Bernardino Graduation rates are steady, but dropout rates up slightly. KVCR's Rick Dulock reports.


Playing a musical instrument is something that a lot of people have learned how to do... and that a lot of other people wish they had learned how to do.  Some people might have first learned to play music in school.  These days, music classes are among the first to be cut from lean budgets.  Victor and Fernando Ibarra believe that music is the glue that keeps a family and a community strong.  With the opening of their music center, they hope to spread the joy of playing a musical instrument not just to schools, but to anyone who has the desire to play.  KVCR's Natalya Estrada has more.