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It's been 10 years since the housing crisis started. Home prices are back up, but could the market be overheating? Stacey Vanek Smith from the Planet Money team shares the latest with an Inland Empire interview.

An analysis by the online housing service Apartment List found that the Riverside area more than doubled its rate of new multifamily construction since the year 2000.  And that's good for Inland Empire renters.  KVCR's Benjamin Purper reports.


The median price of a home in Riverside County has risen significantly in the past year, outpacing rising home prices in other housing markets in Southern California.  More from KVCR's Ken Vincent.

Source:  City News Service


A San Bernardino-based nonprofit is building affordable housing units to address the city's housing crisis.  KVCR's Ben Purper has the story.

California has the most expensive real estate markets in the U. S., while state funds for affordable housing have largely dried up.  A new proposal passed the state senate Thursday that may provide a new source. Capital Public Radio's Ben Bradford reports.

The price of homes in Riverside County went up significantly over the past year.  Meanwhile, the price of gasoline in the Inland Empire has been going down.  More from KVCR's Ken Vincent.

The Building Industry Association, National Association of Home Builders, and the California Building Industry Association are hosting their annual Housing Policy Conference in Ontario tomorrow (Friday).  KVCR's Rick Dulock called the local Building Industry Association CEO, Carlos Rodriguez, to find out more.

The median price of a home in Riverside County shot up nearly 8 percent over the past year.  More from KVCR's Ken Vincent.

Steven Cuevas for The California Report

Yesterday we brought you the story of one street near San Bernardino that's still on the mend 10 years after the start of the mortgage meltdown. On his way out of that neighborhood, The California Report's Los Angeles bureau chief Steven Cuevas spotted a sign with an offer that sounded way too good to be true.  "The California Report" host John Sepulvado introduces the story.

Steven Cuevas for The California Report

When the U.S. housing market collapsed about ten years ago, the carnage was especially severe in Southern California's Inland Empire. Back then home building was booming, fueled in part by risky home loans. You know what happened next; foreclosures, thousands of them. Every street could tell a story. Today we visit one, in Bloomington near San Bernardino, to kick off a series examining how the crisis is still affecting people and communities today. The California Report's John Sepulvado introduces this story from reporter Steven Cuevas.

Summer is not only the season of pools and vacations, it's also an ideal time to move.  Sure, it's hot outside, but with the kids away from school and stormy weather still months away, it's a good time for house hunting.  KVCR's Matt Guilhem reports a new study finds California -- particularly the Inland Empire - to be a less-than-ideal place to buy that first home.

Cities Ranked On Appeal

Feb 29, 2016

An online realty website has ranked almost 500 communities across the country on their appeal to young families.  KVCR's Matt Guilhem deconstructs the data and says the IE has its highs... and lows.

On any given night in downtown L.A's Skid Row a few thousand people are sleeping on the streets or in shelters. But a lot of those people have no ties to Los Angeles. They come from communities across region -- including in the Inland Empire -- that often lack the resources and the will to aid their own homeless. Some communities in the IE and elsewhere in Southern California are trying to help their local homeless population.  The California Report's Steven Cuevas has more.

Home sales and prices continued to rise across California last month compared to September a year ago, particularly in areas like the Inland Empire.  KVCR's Ken Vincent has more.

A new report out from real estate website Apartment List finds California has some of the highest rents in the country.  As KVCR's Matt Guilhem reports, rents are up both across the state and here in the Inland Empire.

San Bernardino Scores Low in Renter Confidence

Jun 1, 2015

Realty website, "Apartment List" has released a study surveying renter's confidence.     Nationally, California earned top marks for city satisfaction. Not so for renters surveyed in the Inland Empire city of San Bernardino. KVCR's Matt Guilhem reports.

A new report shows that home foreclosure activity in California is at its lowest rate since 2006.  In the Inland Empire, foreclosures are down, but IE counties still have among the highest foreclosure numbers in the nation.  Capital Public Radio's Steve Milne reports the statewide numbers, and KVCR's Ken Vincent has the IE foreclosure figures.