On December 21, the two largest planets in our solar system, Jupiter and Saturn, paid each other a rare holiday visit, appearing so close in the sky they nearly looked like one big star. KVCR’s Megan Jamerson has a special story of catching this rare celestial event with her father, Jimmy Jamerson.

MEGAN JAMERSON: “Ok, Dad where are we and what are we doing?”

JIMMY JAMERSON: "We’re down the street from our house in a vacant lot, trying to look at the conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter through a telescope.”

NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center/Chris Smith (USRA)

How planets are formed is one of the great mysteries of astrophysics. KVCR’s Megan Jamerson spoke with a University of California Riverside(UCR) professor who contributed to an exciting discovery on the topic published in the journal Nature.

Scientists believe planets are born from disks of gas and dust orbiting new stars, but it has never been observed first hand. So, when data confirmed the existence of a planet caught in the act of forming in the debris around a young star, Dr. Stephen Kane was thrilled.

UC Riverside Hosts Eclipse Viewing

Aug 21, 2017
David Fleming / KVCR

At UC Riverside, nearly one thousand people showed up to the center of campus to view the eclipse. KVCR's Isel Cuapio has more. 

Donald Miller - KVCR Staff / KVCR

Students, administrators, and professors gathered to watch Monday's eclipse at Crafton Hills College in Yucaipa. KVCR's Ben Purper has more.