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The California Air Resources Board will be voting on a rule to electrify trucks and big rigs on Thursday. KVCR’s Megan Jamerson has more on how this could affect the Inland Empire.

Advocates say a yes vote on the Advanced Clean Trucks regulation would be a win for the Inland Empire. Especially neighborhoods impacted by the diesel pollution from the region’s thriving warehouse and logistics industry.


A Fontana truck and trailer dealership with be the location of Volvo’s first pilot all-electric truck in North America.

The zero-emissions vehicle will move parts between the T.E.C. Equipment dealerships in Fontana and La Mirada.

The program to develop an all-electric truck was done in partnership with multiple groups including the South Coast Air Quality Management District. It was made possible in part by a statewide initiative to use cap-and-trade money to fund the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

San Bernardino County and Riverside County are first and second, respectively, in the latest survey of counties with the worst air pollution in the nation, according to the latest "State of the Air" report from the American Lung Association.  KVCR's Ken Vincent has more.

The Trump Administration announced yesterday (Thursday) it will no longer allow California to have tougher fuel efficiency standards than the rest of the nation.  Capital Public Radio's Ezra David Romero reports.

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State Senator Connie Leyva (D- Chino) has introduced legislation requiring smog checks for big rig trucks.  However, some say that will slow down the Inland Empire's logistics industry.  KVCR's Benjamin Purper reports.

SB210 would require any big rig trucks moving through or coming into California to be smog-checked annually. Senator Leyva says that the bill would remove about 1,600 tons of harmful particulate matter from the air over the next decade.

The South Coast Air Quality Management District is pursuing a one-half cent sales tax measure that would raise about $1.4 billion each year to pay for clean air projects.  KVCR's Isel Cuapio reports.

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Walmart is opening a consolidation center and warehouse in Colton, which will bring over 600 jobs by 2021.

KVCR's Danielle Fox has more.



Walmart is opening a consolidation center and warehouse in Colton this July, which will bring over 600 jobs by 2021. The 340,000 square foot facility will initially employ 150 full-time associates with a base salary starting above $15 per hour.



Due to air quality issues, a no-burn alert has been issued for the Inland Empire today.  More form KVCR's Ken Vincent.


California has hit its goal for lowering climate change-causing emissions early.  The state Air Resources Board announced yesterday (Wednesday) that greenhouse gas emissions fell below 1990 levels four years earlier than a target set last decade.  Capital Public Radio's Ben Bradford explains.

California cities dominate the list of places with the most polluted air in the United States according to an annual report by the American Lung Association.  As Capital Public Radio's Randol White explains, the report claims that eight of the top ten metro areas for the highest ozone levels are in California.

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Here's a question for you:  should public tax money go to private companies?  In Southern California, air regulators have been floating the idea of a new sales tax, and this money would buy private companies cleaner trucks and buses.  But a new survey may be giving those air regulators pause.  KQED's Molly Peterson has the story for The California Report.

California wants more environmentally friendly vehicles on the road. New state funding may help even low income residents to reduce emissions. Capital Public Radio's Ezra David Romero reports.

Report Says Ethanol Mandate Worsens Climate Change

Nov 21, 2017

According to a new report, the federal mandate to blend corn ethanol into gasoline has contributed greatly to climate change. KVCR's Isel Cuapio has the story.


A new report by two independent research firms has ranked every region in California by environmental indicators, like electricity consumption and solar panel installation -- and the Inland Empire got some mixed results.  KVCR's Ben Purper has more.

The recently-released 2017 Green Innovation Index put out by the independent research groups Next 10 and Beacon Economics ranks every major region of California according to environmental indicators.

California's signature climate change program, cap-and-trade, passed its first test since lawmakers extended the program last month.  The state's quarterly auction of pollution allowances -- which give companies the right to release emissions -- sold out.  Capital Public Radio's Ben Bradford reports.

Regional air quality officials warned this week that much of Southern California could experience "very unhealthy" air pollution as the heat wave takes hold of the weather in the coming days.  Details from KVCR's Ken Vincent.


Scientists have long known that wildfires pollute the air with soot and other fine particles that are dangerous to human health.  But as Capital Public Radio's Amy Quinton reports, a new study shows that particle pollution from wildfires is much worse than previously thought.

Environmental groups are furious over a piece of the transportation funding deal reached this week by California Governor Jerry Brown and Democratic legislative leaders.  As Capital Public Radio's Ben Adler reports, the proposal would delay stricter air quality regulations on commercial trucks.

The Trump administration can expect a litigious confrontation with California after it announced a review of fuel efficiency rules for cars and trucks.  As Capital Public Radio's Amy Quinton reports, state officials have made clear California won't back down from pursuing its own course to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


You might not think of nurses as being mindful of the effects of climate change.  But it turns out they see its impact every day, as a result of our changing environment.  KVCR's Isel Cuapio has the story.

California air regulators are accusing another carmaker of building vehicles that pollute above legal limits, but not during emissions tests.  The state Air Resources Board and the U.S. EPA both cited Fiat-Chrysler yesterday (Thursday), as Capital Public Radio's Ben Bradford report.


Diesel Volkswagen owners across California will soon begin choosing whether to get rid of their cars, or bring them in for repairs.  A federal judge in San Francisco recently approved a nearly $15-billion settlement for the carmaker's emissions scandal.  Capital Public Radio's Daniel Potter reports on the decision now facing many thousands of VW diesel owners.

A pair of new reports shows that California industries could save billions of dollars on their power bills by moving toward greater energy efficiencies, which would help the state comply with the Clean Power Plan.  KVCR's Isel Cuapio has more.

A new study finds that California's "cap and trade" program has failed to cut greenhouse gas emissions in the state's low-income and minority communities.  Governor Jerry Brown signed a bill yesterday that he hopes will alleviate that,  KVCR's Ken Vincent has more.

California will further slash greenhouse gas emissions after Gov. Jerry Brown singed legislation yesterday (Thursday) to extend the nation's most ambitious climate change law.  As Capital Public Radio's Amy Quinton reports, Brown hopes it sends a message across the country.

A new report called “Gasping for Breath” by the Clean Air Task Force says by 2025, air pollution from oil and gas facilities in California will cause more than 12,000 summertime asthma attacks in children under 18.   KVCR's Ken Vincent has more.

The California Legislature has passed new emissions targets for greenhouse gases in California.  In this story from The California Report's Katie Orr, Governor Jerry Brown cites air quality in the Inland Empire as one reason he'll sign the bill, even though he didn't get everything he wanted from the legislation. 

The oil industry's lead advocate at the California Capitol says the industry supports Governor Jerry Brown's effort to extend the state's fight against climate change - but only with some significant changes.  And she's downplaying Brown's threat to take the issue to voters if a deal isn't reached.  Capital Public Radio's Ben Adler reports.

A new poll shows Californians support the goals of the state's landmark law to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  As Capital Public Radio's Amy Quinton reports, the poll also found that Californians want state and local governments to do more when it comes to the drought.

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The Inland Empire is notorious for having some of the worst air quality in Southern California.  The pollutants can cause asthma, lung disease, and heart problems.  The Southern California Air Quality Management District (SCAMD) spoke about the changes that are in store for this region.