My Awesome Empire

My Awesome Empire is a 30 minute program that shares the stories of heroic and innovative people, businesses, and children in the Inland Region of Southern California. It is a music-charged, always positive look at the culture and business of this region. My Awesome Empire began in 2012 and has featured over 300 local guests. The program is produced by Production, Communication, Marketing, English and Recording Arts undergrads and masters' students at California State University San Bernardino. The show has been featured in Inland Empire Magazine; it has won two national Golden Mic Awards and has been a finalist for several additional awards. 

My awesome empire is temporarily out of production.

My Awesome Empire - January 24

Jan 28, 2015

AUSTIN AMENTO - Augie's Coffee - Redlands CA 
SARA AMENTO - Cancer Awareness Advocate  
ISABELLA - 8 years old - Calimesa