Got Your Taxes Done? If Not, Here's What To Do

Apr 15, 2019


Today (MONDAY) is Tax Day … and California’s Franchise Tax Board says if you can’t get your state tax returns all wrapped up, don’t panic!

 Montiel: “In California, everyone gets an automatic extension to file.” (0:03)

That’s the F-T-B’s Jason Montiel (mahn-TEEL).

 Montiel: “If they don’t owe — say, they know they’re gonna get a refund — you can take the extra time until mid-October, October 15th, to file. But if you owe, you want to go ahead and file by April 15th to avoid interest and penalties.” (0:12)

If you can’t pay your entire tax bill today (MONDAY), the F-T-B says … pay what you can now, then call or go online to set up a payment plan.

Paper returns and checks must be postmarked today (MONDAY) … and online returns must be filed by midnight.