Electric Car Sales Surge In California

Apr 15, 2019

Tesla Model X rear view" (CC BY 2.0) by Don McCullough
Credit Don McCullough / cartalk.com

Electric car ownership in California is growing faster than ever according to a new report.  Capital Public Radio's Randol White has more.

The first quarter of 2019 saw a year-over-year sales increase of 13 percent.

Gennet Paauwe [jen-et pow-ee] is a spokeswoman for Veloz, a non-profit organization that tracks and promotes the electric car industry.

She says for years ownership numbers languished around one-to-two percent, then edged up around 2012 to four or five percent. But recently, sales have seen a surge.

PAAUWE: "Just in the last six months or so, the percentage of new car sales that are electric have hovered around nine percent, which is really record-breaking for California car sales."

Veloz also uses U.S. Census Bureau statistics to rate California's export industries.

Paauwe says electric cars are now the state's seventh largest foreign export category by value ... just behind almonds.

Tesla is by far the largest EV manufacturer in the state.

In Sacramento, I'm Randol White